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We are looking for a Sales Manager in Mexico

We are seeking a results-oriented, entrepreneurial and highly professional Mexico Sales Manager as a full time addition to our team. The Mexico Sales...

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    How to get the most out of your Drive-to-store campaigns using Maps

    The average smartphone user is very familiar with digital maps, to the point, they are deeply ingrained in his or her...

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    How to run a successful Drive to store Campaign

    Drive-to-Store campaigns have been an integral part of harmonising the online and offline journeys of the modern-day...

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    Why Drive-to-Store Campaigns Matter in the Post-Covid World

    The Covid-19 pandemic halted much of the retail activity in physical stores as people stayed indoors and opted for...

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    iOS14.5 - What’s Changed Three Months Later and How Your Proximity Campaigns are Affected

    Disclaimer: The data shared on this blog post comes from our forecasting tools and reflects the traffic we get from the...

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    Affle’s mediasmart Partners with Lifesight to Strengthen Footfall Attribution and Audience Data Solutions on Its Advertising Platform

    Affle’s mediasmart platform today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the leading customer...

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    Why is it important to measure incrementality in drive-to-store?

    Because getting 'attributed visits' is relatively easy. Just serve the campaign to people around your store and your...

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    Audience insights

    Audience Insights

    Do you want to compare your store visitors, obtained through our drive-to-store campaign, with the...

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    Are you looking to drive more people to your store?

    In age of digital marketing, KPIs are king. We all agree that measuring is key but, how do your impressions and clicks...

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