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How does weather influence consumer purchase decisions?

"Oh no, I can't go to the grocery store now""Why? What happened?""It is raining outside and I don't have a raincoat""No worries, we will wait for...

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    New features for your drive to store & geolocated campaigns! 🗺️📍

    We have been working on two great features for your geolists!

    Decide when your geolists counts visit to your store and...

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    New time based Audiences!

    We have a couple of news regarding audiences. From a  new way of creating audiences by "x" days  to a new way of...

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    Los anunciantes deberían pensar en la experiencia móvil al diseñar sus campañas


    Experta en administrar negocios basados en tecnologías móviles, Noelia Amoedo, fundadora y CEO de Mediasmart, ha...

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    We are at the tipping point in defeating mobile ad fraud: What more needs to be done?

    Mobile ad fraud is an issue for everyone working in the programmatic industry, and it’s clear that there is an...

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    New Video targeting options ; pre/mid/post roll & rewarded video!

    We have launched a great update regarding how you reach video formats within our platform. You can now select to target...

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    How your good-looking in-app advertising results make you waste money

    Many advertisers base their advertising partners performance evaluation on the results they see. The problem comes...

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    mediasmart Partners with zeotap To Bring Award-Winning Data to the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

    London, July TBC, 2019: mediasmart, a self-serve mobile Demand Side Platform, today announced that is has completed...

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    Now available: Ads.txt in apps!

    In this recently launched release you will be able to target ads.txt for Apps, customize your conversion names and the...

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