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How a cross-screen strategy can help advertisers measure real brand impact

As the advertising landscape continues to evolve, you might face new challenges in measuring the real impact of your campaigns. With consumers using...

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    QR codes on TV commercials, the way forward to user interaction?

    Some have proclaimed that 2022 is the year of QR codes. The pandemic has made Quick Response (QR) codes not only very...

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    Connect with Customers across Multiple Screens

    How to deliver relevant ads to an audience whose attention is divided among multiple screens?Screens currently account...

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    The current acceleration of Connected TV

    Let us face it, Connected TV (CTV) has been around for some time already. I am sure that at some point you heard that...

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    Sync your CTV campaign with households like a pro

    You are on the verge of creating your next Connected TV (CTV) and want to take advantage of our Household syncing...

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