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Creating Compelling Stories Across Screens: A Year in Review (FY24)

An exceptional year for mediasmart! We're thrilled to present an introspective journey into mediasmart’s defining moments from the past year. Our...

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    Monalisa Roy

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    From Regional Resonance to Cross-Screen Domination: mediasmart's Award-Winning Journey

    In the last few months, mediasmart has achieved extraordinary success, capturing three prestigious awards at the Indian...

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    Big Screens, Bigger Impact: Olympic Advertising

    The Olympics are all set to make some noise this summer. Get ready for 12 hours of live sports coverage. But what does...

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    The Future of CTV Advertising In India: Trends and Predictions

    The first LED TV in India was launched in 2009. Cut to 2023, the landscape of CTV has witnessed a remarkable evolution,...

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    The Changing Face of Big Screen Advertising in 2024

    As we step into 2024, the landscape of big-screen advertising is poised for transformative changes. In this blog post,...

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    India's Entertainment Revolution: The Rise of Connected TV with OTT viewing

    In the modern Indian household, a TV screen is no longer just a portal to cable channels and pre-scheduled programming;...

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    DOOH Ads Campaign in Action: Navigating the Shopper Journey across Screens

    Whether it's a Black Friday Cyber Monday sale or seasonal shopping, advertisers need to adopt a strategic and...

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    The Impact of DOOH Ads on Holiday Purchase Decisions

    Imagine this scenario: a shopper, in the midst of approaching the register to quickly complete an errand, encounters a...

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    How Cross-Screen CTV measurement is key for Omnichannel Campaigns during the Holiday Season?

    The holiday season is an exciting opportunity for brands and advertisers to reach shoppers across a multitude of...

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    #NewHireDiaries: One Year in with Raquel Miguel

    mediasmart has been working on LATAM expansion for over a year now. For today’s new hire diaries we have someone...

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