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    mediasmart and Adjust partner to offer next-level CTV campaign optimization

    Diksha Sahni
    Posted by Diksha Sahni

    We are excited to announce mediasmart and Adjust have partnered to introduce mediasmart’s campaign implementation features to the Adjust’s CTV AdVision customers that will power up the CTV marketing space. This partnership will introduce mediasmart’s capabilities to Adjust’s tactical team of partners to make CTV advertising easy to implement. 

    mediasmart’s partnership with Adjust stands out for its capability to capitalize on the second screen phenomenon and run mobile and CTV app campaigns. It also allows advertisers to combine powerful omnichannel ad automation with comprehensive analytics for hassle-free CTV campaigns.


    What makes this partnership so powerful 


    mediasmart and Adjust’s partnership will help make advertisers wade through the rapidly growing space of CTV advertising. Advertisers on Adjust’s CTV AdVision get access to mediasmart’s advanced programmatic self-serve platform along with the innovative CTV technology that makes it ahead of its competitors:

    • Enhance brand impact: mediasmart’s Awareness Estimator helps advertisers to know when the users will be more attentive to your ads, thereby cutting through the clutter of the second screen phenomenon. The feature allows advertisers to identify and target devices and users with less exposure to ads, helping them get the most ROI. With mediasmart’s CTV Household Sync technology, advertisers can sync the CTV ads across other devices in the household to boost brand impact.
    • Hone in on your audience: Rather than putting budget into all possible device and OS combinations available in CTV advertising, identify and target only those operating systems with which your app is compatible. With your platforms zeroed in, mediasmart provides access to the supply partners you need to get your CTV campaign up and running.
    • Measure and enhance effectiveness of CTV: Illustrate the precise power of mediasmart’s campaign-enhancing technology and compare the effectiveness of your CTV campaigns against the rest of your marketing efforts with crystal clear, non-biased numbers.

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