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    5 tools to ace your US elections 2020 campaigns

    Olatz Goicoechea
    Posted by Olatz Goicoechea

    With US Elections around the corner, we want you to be 100% prepared to run campaigns for your candidate(s). Whether you need to focus on 'swing' States, want to reach specific Rally attendees or locate budgets for House, Senate or Gubernatorial races at the local level, we have 5 tools to ace this 2020 campaign cycle: Hyper-locate your ads, create hassle-free dedicated creatives, use Audience Extension strategies, target US Election oriented Mobile Inventory, and comply with restrictions.


    Strategies you can follow


    • Focus your efforts on "Swing" districts using our Geolocation targeting options (Geolists). Check our Hyperlocation guide for specific instructions.

    • Do you want to target or exclude people on specific Rallies after attending them? You could build a Location Based Audience around those specific gatherings and then target or exclude them on your campaign.

    • Beyond the Presidential race, do you need to advertise for the 35 of 100 Senate seats, the 435 seats in the House or the 13 Gubernatorial elections contested seats? You can focus on the other important races at the local level by using our Geographic and Geolocation targeting options. For instance, you could target your ads in critical Zip Codes, Cities, Towns or neighborhoods in Kentucky or Arizona Senate race.

    • Advertise where users are more engaged. Smartphone penetration is close to 80% and, similarly, according to Leitchman Research Group, 80% of US households have at least one Connected TV device. With mediasmart, you have many creative ways to reach people on their smartphones and tablets or Connected TVs.

    How can mediasmart help you? We have 5 tools 100% tailored to make the best out of these scenarios. 


    • Hyperlocation: Target only the areas that match your promotion needs. Our bidstream based geolocation solution allows you to target specific Lat:Long coordinates (GPS information) and get to the exact areas you need to target.

    • Enhanced Audiences: that allow you to take advantage of our Campaign Interaction based Audiences to either automatically create a re-engagement strategy or a suppression list. Additionally, the Geolocation capabilities of our Location Based Audiences allow you not only to target users in the areas you want to reach, but also to identify and reach them when they are more likely to engage.

    • Rich format Creatives: Our integrated Rich media creative builder from NEXD has some amazing templates for Political campaigns. Fully compatible with both web-traffic and in-app traffic, these ads can be built under a minute. You can check the look and feel of the creatives directly on your phone by scanning the QR code. Here's a list of all the US election related creative templates. 



    • Dedicated Inventory and Attention-grabbing devices: Our Supply team and Partners have curated Deals (PMPs) related to these elections. We also have our unique Household syncing solution for Smart TV/Connected TV that you can also leverage for your ads.

    • Strategies to A/B test. In all of our campaigns, we have a Strategies feature that - within the budget of the same campaign- allows you to A/B test everything from prices, to targeting settings and creatives so as to test what works best for your Candidate(s)! 


    Read more on how to set up and activate these campaigns in this US elections guide


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