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    Now available: Ads.txt in apps!

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri

    In this recently launched release you will be able to target ads.txt for Apps, customize your conversion names and the option of choosing your local timezone for your campaigns!

    Ads.txt For Apps

    We are pleased to announce that from now on you are able to target ads.txt for apps!

    As you know Authorized Digital Sellers, or ads.txt, is an IAB initiative to improve transparency (fighting ad fraud and misrepresented URLs) in programmatic advertising.

    You will be able to select this option in the targeting section of your campaign and from now on is available through mediasmart for mobile web inventory and for app inventory.

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    Choose your timezone

    From the schedule section of your campaign, you are able to select a timezone for each one of your campaigns (every campaign will show UTC by default):

    OJ8XZN0When you choose a timezone, then all times in its schedule section will be converted.
    The timeline present in campaign dashboard will be also show local time for the two graphs showing day and time of visits.
    Reports in Analytics will not be converted, they will show data in UTC as usual.
    Location based Audiences will be still shown in UTC timezone.

    Customize your conversions names

    2019-06-25_1354You can customize conversion names for your App promotion campaigns. You will be able to name 2-5 events from your wizard, campaign settings or even your organization settings!

    These event names will be used in:
    - Analytics Reports (not in daystats)
    - Campaign Dashboard

    More features released lately
    There are new improvements waiting for you in our latest version!

    - In each creative card you are now able to see in which campaigns that creative is being used!
    - Check Availability for Audio inventory in our system
    - Bugs & Fixes

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