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    3 Winnings Ways to Leverage Location-Based Advertising for a Cracker of a Festive Season

    Diksha Sahni
    Posted by Diksha Sahni

    With the festive season in India ready to knock at our doorsteps, brands are upbeat about consumers returning to stores amid an easing pandemic and a positive purchase intent. To make the most of the festive season opportunity to find and reach new audiences, brands are investing in Connected TV (CTV) advertising that promises an engaging medium that combines the power of storytelling with the benefits of programmatic advertising. 

    But to go a step further and connect the consumers' journeys from online to offline, location-based advertising can open up a myriad of opportunities for advertisers. With mediasmart’s location-based advertising, you can interactively search, select locations, and automatically build audiences on top of them anywhere in India. The solution goes a step further by allowing to target a pool of users that buy at your competitor’s store or work in a particular area in the city. 

    Benefits of Location-based advertising


    The beauty of mediasmart’s location-based advertising is that most of us bring our smartphones with us wherever we go. Location-based targeting allows advertisers to:


    How mediasmart’s Location-based advertising works


    The system will start gathering device IDs as soon as the audience is set up, and you will be able to segment only those users on your advertising strategy. You will also be able to build segments specifically during particular hours of the day: opening and closing hours if they are built around stores; nighttime if it is around living areas; daytime if it’s around industry areas; or a particular set of days if you want to build audiences around particular events.

    Advertisers can benefit from gathering audiences around particular physical areas, using GPS coordinates while fully in control of the area, precision, and schedule.

    How to leverage Location-based advertising in your campaign strategy

    Whether it is driving personalized experiences based on location intelligence or driving customers to stores using footfall tracking solutions, there are plenty of opportunities available to add to your marketing mix and have a cracker of the festive season!

    Some of the most known brands across the globe have implemented location-based advertising and found success working with mediasmart’s capabilities:

    Leveraging location intelligence to deliver a personalized ad experience for Lotus Herbals

    Lotus Herbals wanted to offer its target audience a personalized ad experience by recommending the right product from its range of sunscreens leveraging location intelligence like frequently visited places (Corporate Parks, Salons and Universities) and weather conditions (Temperature and Humidity). mediasmart’s location intelligence and weather-based innovation played a pivotal role as part of a cross-screen engagement strategy for Lotus Herbals and reaffirmed the brand's market standing as a leading player in the sunscreen category.


    Helping users discover their nearest KFC through proximity targeting

    KFC wanted to target users within a radius of 2-5 km around their stores in 161 cities in India. mediasmart’s location precision targeting technology enabled them to identify and engage with these highly relevant audiences and enabled the users to identify KFC stores nearest to them and drove mass adoption for KFC’s offering.


    Driving footfalls to Levi’s stores in Indonesia

    Levi’s Indonesia was looking to drive footfalls to its stores in Indonesia, which had remained largely shut during the initial waves of the pandemic. mediasmart delivered an innovative campaign that went from online eyeballs to incremental offline store visits.

    Your brand can be here too! Want to take advantage of mediasmart's location-based advertising this festive season? Get in touch now!

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