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    This Festive Season CTV Advertising is the Big-Bang Firecracker for Brand Success

    Diksha Sahni
    Posted by Diksha Sahni

    The festive spirit is back in 2022, as the world emerges from the shadows of a global pandemic. India’s festive season, which usually begins around middle August and peaks during Diwali, is likely to see an upbeat consumer sentiment as people return to celebrating together with their family and friends after the pandemic forced people to stay indoors and put a dampener on spending. Diwali, which is usually marked by heavy retail action and discounts in both offline and online stores, is expected to be bigger and better this year as nearly 36% of people living in urban areas are likely to spend more this season, according to an industry report.

    Executives in the electronics and FMCG segment expect an increase in spending on the back of pent-up demand, especially in premium gifting categories. This is especially evident from the Diwali spending index - an indicator of the spending intent - stands this year at 94.45 as compared to 80.96 in 2020. 

    As customers gear up for a cracker of a festive season, brands are looking to make the most of the opportunity and capture larger mindshare among these audiences. For modern-day brand advertisers, it is important to break from the clutter and find channels where they are most likely to discover their audiences and engage them in a powerful, non-intrusive way. 

    Why integrate CTV in your media mix

    CTV landscape

    Advertisers always want to reach the users in the moments that matter the most. In the last months, we have seen an explosion in content consumption across Connected TVs (CTV). When it comes to digital advertising, CTV’s impact is well-established, where traditional TV has started to be replaced by connected screens across the globe. According to data by the IAB, more than half of buyers are shifting budgets from Broadcast (53%) and Cable TV (52%) advertising toward CTV.

    Benefits of CTV over Linear TV


    How to make the most of CTV advertising this festive season

    Brands across verticals have found success with CTV, benefiting from the many advantages that it offers. CTV’s many capabilities can be integrated into your campaign needs to drive impact. With the following successful case studies, learn how these brands found success and how you can power-up your festive campaigns: 

    Driving user growth and engagement for Spotify

    Spotify wanted to gain new users and drive engagement. mediasmart's CTV Household Sync technology helped Spotify get a 50% growth in app downloads and incremental uplift in all key brand metrics.


    Reaffirming Lotus Herbals as a leading player in the Sunscreen Category

    Lotus Herbals wanted to promote its range of sunscreens through an impactful campaign. mediasmart's CTV Household Sync technology played a pivotal role as part of a cross-screen engagement strategy for Lotus Herbals and reaffirmed the brand's market standing as a leading player in the sunscreen category.


    Enabling Panasonic to reach premium households in Malaysia

    Panasonic wanted to drive brand awareness and engagement among premium audiences in Malaysia to promote their nanoe™ X range of air conditioners. mediasmart's CTV Household Sync technology proved to be the most impactful medium for the brand to drive adoption for the range by engaging with families watching CTV together in their living rooms and offering them an innovative way to not just keep their living rooms cool but also clean and safe.


    Driving brand awareness and reach for Discovery+

    Discovery+ leveraged mediasmart's CTV & Household sync solution to strengthen brand awareness & reach audiences via multiple connected devices, thereby driving new age media usage innovation & consumer engagement.


    Reaching ultra-premium users in UAE to promote Burberry's collection

    Burberry wanted to reach ultra-premium users in the UAE in order to promote their Fall Winter 2021 campaign- Open Spaces. mediasmart's CTV advertising offering proved to be the most effective medium to reach these premium audiences consuming on-demand content


    Your brand can be here too! Want to know how CTV can bring cheer to your brand this festive season? Get in touch now!

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