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    CTV Measurement: Boost Performance with Cross-Screen Conversions

    Sarilya Jaiswal
    Posted by Sarilya Jaiswal

    The landscape of marketing is undergoing a significant transformation, and Connected TV (CTV) advertising is at the forefront of this revolution. “CTV is a huge opportunity, allowing marketers to engage with a whole new segment of potential users,” said Gil Meroz, VP of Innovation and General Manager, AppsFlyer. “For brands, now is the perfect time to start advertising on CTV before it becomes a heavily crowded and saturated space. The earlier you get into a new channel, the more you get out of it.”

    With cord-cutting on the rise and streaming TV services booming, advertisers are eagerly embracing the potential of CTV to reach their target audiences. Gijsbert Pols, Director of Connected TV & New Channels from Adjust, keenly observes this trend: “Everywhere on the planet, CTV adoption is overtaking linear—making it the future of television. This means that the future of TV advertising will be shaped by CTV as well. And this future is performance-based. Already, ads on CTV trigger users into interaction, directly responding to what they see on the big screen on their mobile phones. Advertisers are in for an exciting world where TV advertising is the first step in driving their audiences down the sales funnel”.

    This new reality highlights our unique partnerships with renowned Mobile Measurement Platforms (MMPs) like AppsFlyer and Adjust, for CTV to Mobile and CTV to CTV attributions, marking a new era for performance advertising on CTV. "Our extensive video experience unlocks the potential of CTV advertising, while our mobile expertise bridges the divide across screens of all sizes. Together with AppsFlyer and Adjust, we deliver unparalleled results in the dynamic landscape of digital advertising" said Guillermo Fernandez, CTO at mediasmart. Understanding these conversion tracking methods help advertisers gauge the impact of their CTV advertising efforts and optimize their campaigns accordingly. Let's explore each method further and see how they contribute to CTV advertising success.

    CTV Measurement: CTV-to-mobile attribution

    As revealed by CivicScience data, 66% of US TV watchers turn to a second screen while consuming content on Connected TV. Our cutting-edge Household Sync technology plays a pivotal role in capitalizing on this opportunity,  capturing the audience's attention through synced ads on their mobile devices. By targeting specific households with CTV ads and then retargeting them across an array of devices within the same household, not only amplifies user engagement but also provides a convenient experience that eliminates the need for users to search for additional information about your brand. It's a win-win situation, where advertisers can capture the attention of their target audience and users can effortlessly take action or access the information they need without any hassle. ​​

    Let’s delve into how CTV to Mobile attribution happens. Everything starts when an ad is served on a CTV. Without any additional action from the users' side (like scanning QR codes), our system will be able to provide Tracking partners (MMPs) enough information for them to attribute mobile conversions to particular Connected TV ads. Cross-screen app marketing works exclusively with view-through attribution and is driven through IP matching, enhanced by our Household sync technology. Our unique Household ID will also help attribute a number of conversions generated by CTV ads through actions in other synced devices, like web conversions or even visits to stores. 

    CTV Measurement: CTV-to-CTV attribution

    As the world of Connected TV continues to expand with a wide range of apps available on Smart TV app stores, accurate attribution becomes crucial. That's where CTV-to-CTV attribution comes into play, enabling advertisers to track conversions when an ad is served on a CTV and an app is downloaded on the same device.

    At mediasmart, we've simplified the process. We send both TV ID and Household IP address to the MMP through trackers placed on the creatives when the ad is shown on a CTV. When a user downloads the app on their CTV, the MMP attributes their app events to the TV ad using the data provided by mediasmart.

    But that's not all. We also track assisted conversions by matching households to non-attributed conversions. This gives you a comprehensive view of your campaign's impact. Just make sure to set the MMP to share both attributed and non-attributed conversions, and we'll provide valuable insights.


    At mediasmart, we are committed to helping advertisers navigate the evolving CTV advertising landscape, taking our CTV tracking capabilities to the next level by partnering with leading platforms such as AppsFlyer and Adjust. In fact, we're proud to be among the six ad tech companies globally that can measure CTV-to-mobile conversions using both platforms. This sets the perfect tone for a future of success in the CTV advertising space.

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