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    Conquering the Shopping Season with mediasmart's Omnichannel Approach

    Posted by Monalisa Roy

    The shopping season and the heightened consumer activity offer brands a golden opportunity to make a significant impact. Modern customers already expect brands to unite physical and digital interactions. But in a landscape increasingly dominated by various screens—from the intimate displays of mobile devices to the immersive experience of Connected TVs (CTVs) and the ubiquity of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) screens—how can brands ensure they stand out? As brands vie for attention in this saturated space, the key to breaking through the noise lies in leveraging these screens for successful holiday marketing campaigns.

    Let's delve into the magic of mediasmart's omnichannel ad campaigns and discover their potential to drive unparalleled success.

    CTV to DOOH to Mobile

    One of the most innovative holiday marketing strategies is the seamless transition from Connected TV (CTV) to Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, and finally, to mobile engagement. The journey begins in the comfort of the consumer's home. CTV, known for its wide-screen appeal, serves as the perfect platform for delivering high-definition, compelling brand narratives that resonate on a personal level and leave a lasting impression.

    As consumers step out of their homes and into the commercial landscape, DOOH serves as a strategic touchpoint. These digital displays, found in transit stations, malls, and city squares, can visually remind consumers of the narrative they encountered on their CTV screens.

    Pro Tip: It is important to use visually consistent cues triggering recognition and continuity. 

    Finally, the journey culminates on a personal device — the consumer's mobile. In this case, direct and personalized engagement can turn interest into action through targeted and personalized messaging and mobile-specific offers.

    Mobile to DOOH to CTV

    In this case, the journey begins with the personal and interactive nature of mobile devices. Mobile devices are ideal for initiating direct communication and incentivizing action with consumers. Advertisers can use targeted and personalized messaging to spark interest in the consumer.

    As consumers traverse the public sphere, DOOH advertising provides the opportunity to expand the narrative initiated on mobile and attempt to leave a lasting impact. These larger-than-life displays can serve as effective reminders and build anticipation.

    Pro tip: Use high-impact visuals and real-time data to draw attention.

    The final touchpoint in this consumer journey is CTV, where advertisers can leverage the storytelling aspect of CTV. After building anticipation through personal and public engagements, brands can utilize the immersive nature of CTV to deepen the consumer's emotional connection to the brand. For instance, an in-depth look at your brand's journey, a mini-documentary on how your latest product is made, or an exclusive look behind the scenes. That might also circle back to Mobile and prompt immediate action by syncing devices in the households.

    Conquering Shopping Season with Omnichannel Ad Campaigns

    The holiday season is more than just transactions. It is about creating memorable experiences and meaningful connections. Seamlessly weaving Mobile, Connected TV (CTV), and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) screens are the epitome of contemporary marketing. Mobile devices deliver personalized interactions, CTV has compelling narratives, and DOOH screens amplify brand messages in high-traffic areas. Creating a visually stunning, cohesive narrative will captivate audiences across platforms, leaving a lasting impression. High brand awareness and easy-to-perform calls to action will unify the experience that encourages shoppers. By understanding the new trends dominating shopper behavior and spending habits, and partnering with the right technology providers advertisers can deliver top-notch omnichannel experiences that maximize ROI. 

    Are you ready to drive successful holiday campaigns across screens for your brand? mediasmart is just one call away. Book a meeting with us now.


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