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    The rise of mobile investment in 2018

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri

    There is a general optimism in the present exercise, regarding the investment evolution of advertising. But, where is the limit? Q & A with our CEO Noelia Amoedo, mediasmart

    1) The Zenith Vigía panel estimates that the investment in mobile advertising can grow this year by 11.1%. Do you think that's an accurate estimate? What factors are stimulating the investment in support and which ones are holding it back?

    I would like us to be able to distinguish between the advertising investment that is made in mobile just as another screen, and the advertising investment that is made in mobile exploiting all the advantages the mobile channel offers compared to others. I mean: campaigns that take advantage of the user's geolocation, that in some way links the physical world with the digital one, or campaigns that lead the user to interact with applications, for example. Surely the investment in mobile has grown a lot in recent years and will continue to grow, simply because more and more people spend more time stuck to their mobile, but not necessarily so much, because advertisers consider and utilize all the advantages that mobile offers.

    2) Mobile advertising already has a particular trajectory. Despite the fact that things change very fast, has that time left basic learnings regarding seasonality, periods or moments of greater effectiveness, types of formats more acceptable, more effective messages..?

    In general, formats and messages that adapt to the mobile environment work better. We have seen that native formats, short and playable videos generate much more engagement.

    3) Has the advertising use of online audio gone through the phase of curiosity and experimentation? Do you think it will settle as a format in the same way that the video has, for example?

    Although, it is a format that we have been supporting for quite some time, in our particular case we still have not seen enough demand to say that it has come out of the experimentation phase, so I think there are still many phases ahead, for audio to settle as video did.


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