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    Reach customers in motion: find the perfect balance between OOH and Mobile Ads

    Olatz Goicoechea
    Posted by Olatz Goicoechea

    People move around glued to their smartphones, be it to communicate, listen to music, snap pictures or actually navigate the streets: smartphones are our constant companions. As an advertiser, how can you reach them effectively anywhere in the world? How can you reinforce your message impacting the same users in different ambiences? 

    Mobile targeting for Advertising  

    There is a myriad of targeting options available in mobile programmatic, anything from the phone manufacturer to the language on the phone. Although the most important information shared in Mobile is the location of the user, which is key for any strategy that involves reaching out to customers in motion.  

    As a programmatic platform, we get the location information shared by the publishers and Supply partners from the bid stream and subject it to a validation process that includes both in-house and external validation. We have also developed different levels of location precision to be able to match the needs of our clients while also complying with Privacy regulations and in particular TCF 2.0. 

    Embrace measuring Out-of-Home ads impact 

    As Digital-Out-of-Home is being standardized and grows to the point it is being programmatically bought, the bulk of Out-of-Home advertising is still 'traditional OOH'. This means that without the right tool it is almost impossible to measure the impact of the ads placed on OPPI (Optical Point of Promotion and Information).  

    Why would someone be interested in investing money in an almost unquantifiable medium? OOH effectively capture the attention with big formats and high visibility, making it possible to reinforce brands and bring attention to particular actions. It usually also ensures hitting a wider audience with a smaller effort. They are ideal for local advertising or geo-targeted advertising campaign. Sounds interesting?

    Do not shy away, in mediasmart, we have developed strategies to evaluate the impact of OOH campaigns. We envision three ways of measuring the incremental impact of your OOH. 

    • a) Using mediasmart Location-based audience technology to size up the users impacted by OOH and then checking if those users convert better than others on a mobile campaign. 
    • b) by running placebo strategies, meaning running mobile campaigns on the places where you have OOH and on places far from those ads and comparing which sets of users convert better. 
    • c) measuring the impact of OOH using different messages separately and comparing them.

    Combine the power of Mobile and Out-of-home 

    Now that we have covered measuring the impact of an out of home campaign, you might want to spice things up. Imagine you want to retarget those users that have seen your billboards, point of sale displays or ads on street furniture (bus shelters, kiosks, telephone booths, etc.) on their mobile devices. It is possible and very easy to set up. 

    mediasmart gives you two options to combine the effectiveness of Mobile advertising and OOH advertising:

    • If you want to target users that are being impacted by your OOH on their mobile devices: You can upload the list of areas you want to target, including the areas where your OOH ads are, using coordinates or drawing circles in a map. You will also be able to add a schedule matching the OOH presence. Check our guide to building Geolist for more information
    • If you want to target the user impacted by your OOH afterwards you can create a location-based audience that will gather all the device ids around the areas where your OOH ads are and then target them in any other location.

    If you want to get more information, you can check our Sync with OOH one-pager for further information. If you are currently a client, feel free to contact your usual person of contact for more information. And if you want to start working with us, you can directly sign-up here or alternatively e-mail with any inquiry.

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