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    Unleash the Full Potential of DOOH Advertising with Audience Sync

    Sarilya Jaiswal
    Posted by Sarilya Jaiswal

    Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising allows brands to expand their reach, boost their message, and create a closer connection with consumers. The global market is projected an annual growth rate is +6% until 2027, according to Statista. China is the prime market, with DOOH already comprising a third of the country’s total out-of-home (OOH) advertising market of 9 billion USD, ​​as stated by Statista also reports that in Europe, DOOH ad spending is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 7.27%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$4.29bn by 2027. However, with a projected market volume of US$4.8bn in 2023, most DOOH ad spending will be generated in the United States. The growth of this medium will be exponential.

    For decades, out-of-home was seen as strictly a top-of-funnel channel, used solely to drive brand awareness. However, the digitalization of out-of-home placements has transformed the environment and advertisers are leveraging its capabilities in new and creative ways, resulting in the recent success of DOOH advertising. Incorporating technologies like mediasmart’s DOOH Audience Sync in the mix, advertisers can capitalize on the impact of DOOH, mobile interactivity, CTV storytelling, and include multiple targeted touchpoints to reach people at other stages in the purchasing process. Because of the digitalization of the channel, outdoor ads are getting more creative and personalized too.

    Benefits of Digital Out of Home Advertising

    Nonetheless, there are some challenges associated with DOOH. From the lack of standardization due to an immense variety of screen sizes and creative formats, the fragmented supply that complicates the buying process with the involvement of multiple players in the ecosystem, to the curtailed geographical reach of SSPs, and limitations in one-on-one interaction and personalized marketing strategies, among others.

    DOOH Audience Sync is a solution to many of these pressing challenges. Our proprietary technology helps identify and target users that have already seen your DOOH ad and personalize the message further. This can be done by syncing in real-time DOOH campaigns with other screens like smartphones, tablets or even Connected TVs or by building DOOH audiences to retarget at a later time (up to 6 months). Getting more personal, and providing additional information - such as directions to stores or links to app downloads - increases the chances of conversion. This improves the return on investment for advertisers, enabling them to display consistent or complementary messages across different screens throughout the consumer's journey, enhancing their brand and message impact through simultaneous or sequential ads.

    DOOH Audience Sync

    On the interactivity front, DOOH Audience Sync transforms passive engagement into active participation, revolutionizing the effectiveness of DOOH campaigns. By making it easy for users to interact with the ad on mobile screens, lead generation, and actual purchases or subscriptions are more likely to happen. Prompting immediate action in a user-friendly manner will make all the difference in terms of conversion. 

    With DOOH Audience Sync, not only can advertisers reach their target audience in high-foot-traffic locations with higher control and measurement, but also cue engagement. Let’s explore how this works. Whenever an ad is shown on a digital out-of-home screen, we scan the surroundings during a period of time after the ad is displayed (opportunity window) and we record the users who are there and have most likely seen the ad. Then, those users can be targeted in a synched campaign: Mobile or Connected TV, advertising the same product or service that they have seen on the DOOH screen for a stronger impact. 

    Advertisers will be able to choose both the opportunity window of the synchronization (1h to 48h) and the radius to cover around the DOOH screens (30m to 500m). At the same time, they will be able to make the most out of all the mobile or connected tv related programmatic targeting options. The synced campaigns could be generic campaigns, but also drive-to-store or multiplatform app marketing ones. The setup of the synchronization is as simple as selecting which DOOH campaign you want to synchronize your other campaigns with, as shown below. 

    Dooh gif

    For example, let’s say that you own a physical clothing store. To generate foot traffic, you decide to advertise on a digital screen in a nearby supermarket. With DOOH Audience sync, you can send a mobile ad to those users that were already impacted by your ad on the out-of-home screen, and then either include a map or a Click to Map redirection URL with the exact directions on how to get from the supermarket to your store. You could even measure the incremental visits to your store, driven by those users through a Drive-to-store campaign. For those users that don’t take action, you could use retargeting strategies on Mobile but also sync that Mobile campaign with a Connected TV one using our Household sync technology and improve your brand recall, by impacting the same user on their Connected TV. 

    Aware of the different approaches advertisers might use to implement advertising campaigns, we also developed DOOH Audiences, which work under the same logic but can be used to retarget users that have seen DOOH ads through any other mediasmart campaign type at any given moment (up to 6 months after the DOOH ad was served).

    In conclusion, DOOH advertising is a dynamic marketing channel that allows businesses to reach their target audience on the streets, with screens connected to the internet and programmatic buying. The challenges associated with DOOH can be overcome with the correct technology partner. In mediasmart, on top of a specialized DOOH targeting solution, we put our DOOH Audience Sync to the service of marketing strategies. This is a game-changer technology that allows advertisers to generate DOOH Audiences and sync DOOH campaigns with Mobile screens and Connected TV. Thus, taking omnichannel campaigns to the next  level.  

    Captivated by the allure of DOOH? Eager to delve deeper? Don't hesitate—reach out to us and embark on an extraordinary journey into digital out-of-home advertising and DOOH Audience sync. Let's bring your vision to life! Contact us now.

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