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    DOOH Ads Campaign in Action: Navigating the Shopper Journey across Screens

    Posted by Monalisa Roy

    Whether it's a Black Friday Cyber Monday sale or seasonal shopping, advertisers need to adopt a strategic and competitive approach to reach their ideal customers. With the shopper's journey becoming increasingly complex, it has become crucial for brands to maintain their identity across screens.

    Welcome to the dynamic world of digital advertising, where the emergence of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) and the intricate interplay between Connected TV (CTV) and mobile ads is reshaping how brands connect with their audience. In this rapidly evolving landscape, DOOH stands out for transforming traditional outdoor advertising into a realm of vivid, interactive, and measurable experiences, capturing attention like never before. 

    DOOH ads’ true power is unleashed when synergized with Connected TV (CTV) and Mobile platforms, crafting a holistic omnichannel experience. In this interconnected approach, each medium complements the others, creating a unified and impactful advertising journey that resonates with audiences, whether on the move or at home. In this blog post, we will dig deeper into how to craft omnichannel DOOH ad campaigns and zoom into the shoppers’ journey.

    DOOH Ad campaign impact in numbers

    Marketers are understanding the growing importance of exploring new channels to reach their audience. Before becoming a part of the DOOH revolution, let's delve into the numbers that reveal the transformative impact of DOOH campaigns on advertising trends and consumer engagement.

    > The DOOH market was valued at $41.06 billion in 2020 and is set to grow significantly to $50.42 billion by 2026. (Research and Markets)
    > 98% of consumers have visited a DOOH venue type in the last 30 days  (Vistar & mfour)
    > 70% of viewers took some sort of action after seeing a digital street-level ad. > Actions included searching for an advertiser online, visiting their business in person, or posting to social media. (Nielsen)
    > Two-thirds of global audiences said DOOH ads had encouraged them to search for more information online. (GroupM)

    The impact of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) ad campaigns is increasingly evident. Hence, advertisers must utilize omnichannel ad campaigns to make a memorable impact on their shoppers and stay ahead of the competition.

    The Shopper Journey: A Multi-Screen Experience

    The interplay of DOOH, CTV, and Mobile advertising creates a powerful triad that can significantly amplify the impact of a brand's messaging. This integration not only ensures consistency in the advertising narrative across different platforms but also leverages the unique strengths of each medium. Let’s take a closer look at different shoppers’ journeys and the role of DOOH ads through them.

    Omnichannel shopper journey prompted by a Connected TV ad 


    The initial engagement begins on a CTV, with a family watching a movie. During an ad break, they see a captivating commercial from a popular electronics brand showcasing their latest smartphone, ideal to ensure lasting brand recall. The ad, with its special discount offer, piques their interest. 

    The next day, while shopping in a busy downtown area, the family encounters a large DOOH display showing the same smartphone ad they saw on their CTV. The ad is now more dynamic, displaying high-quality images of the phone and a countdown to the end of the seasonal sale. The repetition of the message, coupled with the visual impact of the DOOH display, reinforces their interest in the product. 

    Later, while browsing on the current mobile device, one of the family members receives a synced ad with an online discount code. Motivated by the cumulative impact of the ads across different platforms, they click on the ad, which leads them to the brand's website where they complete the purchase.

    Omnichannel shopper journey prompted by a Mobile ad 


    Mobile (1)

    Similarly, here’s another example of a shopper journey that begins on Mobile. While scrolling through a shopping app on their smartphone, a consumer sees an ad for a luxury watch brand, featuring a special season collection. The shopper, intrigued by the ad, goes on to view the collection but abandons the cart. 

    On their commute to work, the consumer encounters a DOOH ad in the subway station, showcasing the same luxury watch brand. The ad displays stunning visuals of the watches, emphasizing their elegance. The large-scale visual presentation elevates the consumer’s interest in the brand and the seasonal collection. 

    That evening, while watching a lifestyle show on their CTV, the consumer sees another detailed ad. This ad focuses on the craftsmanship and heritage of the brand, including testimonials from satisfied high-profile customers. 

    The comprehensive storytelling and emotional appeal of the omnichannel strategy resonate with the consumer. They revisit the brand’s physical store and make a purchase, influenced by the consistent and escalating narrative across multiple touchpoints.

    Omnichannel shopper journey prompted by a DOOH ad 


    As a final example, let’s start the campaign with eye-catching DOOH displays strategically placed in high-traffic shopping districts and near major retail centers. It showcases the latest fashion collection, with dynamic, high-resolution visuals and enticing seasonal offers. Shoppers and passersby are drawn to the vibrant displays, creating initial brand awareness and interest. Using mediasmart's audience sync, advertisers can identify and target users that have seen this ad. 

    As these consumers continue their day, they receive personalized mobile ads when they are most likely to be responsive – perhaps as they browse online or use shopping apps. The mobile ads offer more details about the collection, personalized recommendations, and exclusive mobile-only promotions.

    Later, when relaxing at home, these consumers see tailored ads for the same fashion collection on their Connected TV. The CTV ads build on the narrative from the DOOH and mobile ads, showcasing the versatility of the seasonal collection. This consistent messaging across different platforms reinforces brand recall and keeps the collection at the top of their mind.

    Finally, the campaign circles back to mobile, where the consumer receives a final, compelling ad. With mediasmart's household sync, advertisers can retarget household devices with an ad that includes a strong call-to-action, such as a limited-time discount code or a special offer, nudging the consumer towards making a purchase.

    In all the examples above, the shopper's journey across CTV, DOOH, and mobile demonstrates the power of a well-coordinated, omnichannel advertising strategy. By leveraging the unique strengths of each platform and ensuring a consistent message, brands can effectively guide consumers along the purchasing journey, enhancing brand awareness and ultimately, driving sales.

    Final Thoughts: Omnichannel, Data-Driven DOOH ad campaigns

    The integration of DOOH ad campaigns with Connected TV and mobile platforms exemplifies the future of advertising, especially during shopping seasons. These examples vividly demonstrate how a synchronized, omnichannel approach can effectively navigate the shopper's journey, ensuring a consistent and compelling narrative across multiple screens. 

    Brands that master this art of storytelling across screens will not only capture the attention of their audience but will also hold a key advantage in the competitive market. The future of advertising is here, and it is omnichannel, data-driven, and deeply connected to the consumer's everyday journey.

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