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    Connect with Customers across Multiple Screens

    Posted by Shalini Tada

    How to deliver relevant ads to an audience whose attention is divided among multiple screens?

    Screens currently account for 90% of all media interactions, and we spend roughly 4.5 hours1 of our free time in front of one or more screens. Whether it is looking at our phones while watching TV or streaming a show on our tablet while browsing the internet, we are in the habit of using multiple screens. In recent years, we’ve also made the switch towards more immersive watching experiences: Smart TV, streaming platforms, social media, e-gaming, etc. According to Samsung Smart Ads, streaming now accounts for more TV time than linear TV: nearly 60% of all TV viewing time.

    Now, what does all of this mean for advertisers? This means that advertisers must adjust their strategies to reach viewers where they are. Balancing reach and frequency among CTV viewers is now critical to success. This also means that an advertiser’s target audience consumes content on several different devices simultaneously. It is challenging to deliver relevant advertising to an audience that has a short attention span.

    We are aware that the digital transformation brought about by cord-cutters has made a lot of advertisers tap into CTV advertising. With consumers having too many channels to choose from, making sure that your brand delivers effective TV ads has become a top hurdle. Hence, considering an omnichannel customer journey has become an essential part of media planning and buying. By doing so, advertisers can maximize their impact by addressing the same audience on numerous platforms with strategic frequency and messaging. It maintains a coherent and relevant narrative while emphasizing and delivering the message taking advantage of the best features of the different platforms involved.

    When making media investments, gaining incremental reach in an increasingly fragmented ecosystem should be a top priority for advertisers. In this article, we want to highlight how mediasmart’s Household Sync solution might be the answer you’re looking for.

    What is mediasmart’s Household Sync?

    It is a technology that allows advertisers to increase brand impact by syncing their ads on CTV with ads on other devices in a household. Advertisers can make advertising more engaging by coordinating CTV ad campaigns with ads on other connected devices, like mobile phones, tablets, in the same house. Brands can target premium inventory, measure outcomes, and drive customers to a local store by launching CTV ads to a targeted audience in the same household.

    How does it work?

    Household syncing uses fresh data for each campaign and is based on IP addresses that are validated on multiple levels and result in reinforced data. It is consistent with privacy standards (like GDPR or CCPA) and uses innovative technology developed in-house to maximize data accuracy. Advertisers can easily sync their CTV campaign with additional devices in the same household with step by step guidance along the way. The platform will take into account the wanted targeting options and construct a customized cross-device strategy for the advertiser. More information can be found on our Connected TV one-pager

    How to launch a successful omnichannel CTV campaign?

    Developing omnichannel strategies with CTV is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the communication strategy for advertisers. For a brand to succeed, the key is to understand its audience, focus on holding consumer attention, engage with them across platforms and screens, and narrate a well-stitched story that will benefit from multiple touchpoints. Our Household sync technology empowers advertisers to do all of the above with a single click. Check our guide on how to Sync your CTV campaign with the household like a pro! On top of it all, we can accurately track and optimize by leveraging data in real-time. 

    It’s time to grow your business with mediasmart’s Household Sync CTV solution that will enable you to leverage all of the advantages of mobile programmatic advertising on large screens and at scale, allowing you to engage with relevant consumers across all connected devices around them. Start today


    1According to Magnamema. 


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