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How does weather influence consumer purchase decisions?

"Oh no, I can't go to the grocery store now""Why? What happened?""It is raining outside and I don't have a raincoat""No worries, we will wait for...

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    Fingerprinting and Attribution: Shining a light in the dark

    Every marketer that runs mobile app advertising campaigns knows that some partners outperform others, and often by a...

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    mediasmart / Branch Partnership to Offer Expanded Customer Ad Tracking Capabilities

    mediasmart has joined the Branch Certified Partner Program to allow its customers to seamlessly configure campaigns...

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    Introduction to Mobile Attribution

    Are you ever confused about Mobile Attribution? Do you wonder about the impact of Mobile Attribution in your campaigns?

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    Finding a Workaround for Effective Mobile Measurement

    It’s MWC week, so naturally, the spotlight is firmly planted on mobile and in this piece, mobile measurements. Despite...

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    Measuring Post-Click Events: Best Practice Against “Fat-Finger Syndrome”

    Mobile marketing is a medium that is still considered to be quite new in comparison to more traditional mediums like...

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