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    Sync your CTV campaign with households like a pro

    Olatz Goicoechea
    Posted by Olatz Goicoechea

    You are on the verge of creating your next Connected TV (CTV) and want to take advantage of our Household syncing technology, that empowers you to target users both on their CTV and their mobile devices. Congratulations, you are already bringing your CTV campaigns to the next level! How to rock at it? Take special care on how you are splitting the budget between the devices. 

    It is key to understand that the difference in prices but also the available volume of impressions should play a central part on your decision making. As a general rule, CPM pricing of Connected TV impressions is at least 4 or 5 times more expensive than Mobile video impressions. What are the implications? 

    Imagine you split the budget 50%-50% between Connected TV and Mobile impressions. Given CTV inventory is more expensive and harder to find, there is a high chance Mobile will represent 75% or more of the total impressions, as depicted below. 

    Captura de pantalla 2021-09-29 a las 13.27.34

    Alternatively, you might want a higher volume on CTV so you decide to split the budget giving preference to CTV,  80% to 20% on Mobile. It could happen, as depicted on the graph below, that the CTV impressions still don't reach 50% of the total impressions. Why? For one, because of the higher prices, but it could also be related to all the available inventory being consumed. 

    All in all, the key is to have a clear idea of what your goals are and what inventory is available to you at that given moment to make informed decisions accordingly.

    So, first, you will need to know if the focus is on getting the highest volume possible as a whole, more branding impressions on CTV or more interaction using Mobile impressions. 

    And on the other hand, you will need to know how expensive CTV and Mobile impressions are in your country and how much inventory is available for both device types. Our Availability tool can help you forecast the available volumes and price floors. We highly recommend you set up deals with CTV publishers to ensure pricing but also the volume of delivered impressions. 

    We invite you to read more on how to effectively measure campaign success on CTV

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