Starting September with some news; Chrome is blocking heavy ads,new rich media formats & inventory deals available!

We hope you've enjoyed your summer vacations or at least that you've had the chance to disconnect and relax a little bit!. With September starting we have a lot of news in store for you, so let's cover the first ones happening this week on our latest release

Chrome has started blocking heavy ads


heavy ads chromeAs our partner NEXD forecasted last year, at the end of August 2020, Chrome has started blocking heavy ads displayed on any mobile device using Chrome as a browser.

No need to panic!

Our in-house rich media builder and our targeting options, among others, will help you overcome this without any impact to your campaigns. Continue reading more.


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New NEXD template available! 

Speaking of NEXD, we have new formats coming up and we will be announcing them on our newsletters during this month!

We just made a new template available: Scroll to Zoom. You can check it out on our in-house rich format builder; No coding, in-app and web traffic compatible and x10 lighter than other HTML5 solutions. We love it! 

Scroll zoom


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Inventory: New deals


Captura de pantalla 2020-09-01 a las 13.19.44Are you planning campaigns focused on the upcoming USA Election?

Our Supply partner SmartAdServer created specific deals based on publisher type, creative type and interests that you might find interesting!

Check our Public Deal section to learn more about them.



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Other Release launches


  • As you know in our console we represent campaigns as cards. We have added to our campaigns cards different icons so it's easier for you to identify what type of campaign it is; App Marketing, Proximity marketing, Smart tv or Branding marketing campaigns; (5)

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We're hiring!


We have open positions in our sales and tech teams! 

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