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Big Screens, Bigger Impact: Olympic Advertising

The Olympics are all set to make some noise this summer. Get ready for 12 hours of live sports coverage. But what does it mean for advertisers?The...

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    Where's Mobile Advertising Headed in 2021?

    Diksha Sahni
    Posted by Diksha Sahni

    2020 was a defining year for mobile advertising. With global lockdowns and working from home, many people took to mobile apps to entertain, socialize, work, and stay fit. There’s a saying that “there’s an app for it,” but never before 2020 were apps and mobile technology so relevant and important. As the world limps back to normalcy this year, one thing is for certain: mobile engagement and usage aren’t going back to pre-Covid levels.

    Mobile advertising gained much momentum in 2020 as mobile-first consumer behavior emerged and this will well be carried into this year. The new consumption patterns are also matched by advances in technology such as 5G and new areas of digital advertising growth, which will further give an impetus to mobile advertising. Check out our video below where mediasmart’s CEO Noelia Amoedo explores where’s mobile advertising headed in 2021:

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