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    CTV in Focus: Industry Experts Converge at the CTV Asia Symposium, Jakarta

    Vaishnavi Zawar
    Posted by Vaishnavi Zawar

    The Connected TV Asia Symposium, Jakarta held on the 6th of July, in Jakarta, sparked an engaging discourse on the rapidly evolving landscape of digital content consumption and the growing prominence of Connected TV. 

    The SEA region has long embraced the digital revolution, but as the world becomes increasingly connected, a new paradigm is emerging in content consumption. Amidst this transformation, ConnectedTV has experienced explosive growth, offering advertisers lucrative opportunities to connect with audiences more effectively. However, this remarkable expansion has also given rise to a multitude of questions that demand thorough exploration and discourse.

     "What you know about CTV is just the tip of it!"

    Presented by mediasmart in association with Agency Reporter, The CTV Asia Symposium, Jakarta brought together Industry experts & thought leaders for an important conversation that explored all about the burgeoning opportunities and challenges in this rapidly evolving space in Indonesia and beyond.

    Kicking the day off, Nikhil Kumar, Vice President IN, SEA & ME, mediasmart, took the stage to present "The Journey from Broadcast Media to Connected TV." This insightful presentation highlighted the evolutionary trajectory of CTV and the moments that shaped its current landscape. He delved into the worldwide CTV dynamic, with particular emphasis on Asia, moving onto a very interesting challenge of drawing parallels between broadcast and CTV. He summed up by sharing use cases that showcase the remarkable performance of CTV advertising and a surprise announcement about the forthcoming launch of the coveted mediasmart CTV report, Indonesia edition.

    Nikhil panel blog

    With the context set, it was time for the symposium's first panel which brought together an interesting mix of leaders from both agency and brand sides. Ashish Bhatnagar (COO of DMP Communications); Fauzan Akbar (Country Digital & E-commerce Lead at Bayer Indonesia); Mayank Singh (Chief Digital Officer & VP of Marketing, Digital Business, and IT at Domino's Pizza Indonesia); Pushpendra Kumar (Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation at Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison); and Ressa Truna Priono (Senior Head of Media and Strategic Partnership at Paragon Technology and Innovation) to discuss about the Transformation in Video Consumption Habits. The panel meticulously examined the transformation of video consumption habits, emphasizing how CTV has become an integral part of consumers' lives, and its potential for growth is unparalleled. Expressing his optimism, Ashish stated, "Chords have been cut, and consumers are moving from smaller devices to connected family devices, opening a world of possibilities. This is the time to go for it (CTV)!”

    panel 1 blog

    Next on the agenda was the discussion on "Decoding Experiences and Expectations of Smart TV Viewers." Abhishek Kumar Rajoria (Head of Digital & Integrated Media at DMP Communications); Avijit Dutta (Country Manager, Indonesia at VIU); Swaminathan Iyer, (Director of Sales at Lemma); and Mudit Govil (Partner - Client Leadership at EssenceMediacom) came together for this session moderated by Stephanie King (Senior Director - SEA at DoubleVerify), delving deep into the minds of smart TV viewers and their expectations. They stressed the importance of treating CTV as an integrated approach, providing opportunities to target high household shoppers and effectively retarget users. Abhishek noted, "This event marks the starting point of the CTV conversation in the market.“

    panel 3 blog

    Rohan ppt blog

    Rohan Mahajan (COO, Media Services), Omnicom Media Group Indonesia), took the stage for the symposium's second presentation. In his talk, "AI-Powered CTV Advertising: The Future of Targeted Marketing," Mahajan astutely showcased the power of AI in revolutionizing CTV advertising, offering a glimpse into the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. "CTV is the elephant in the room.", said Rohan.

    Following the presentation, a panel discussion on "Leveraging the Power of Programmatic Advertising in the CTV Ecosystem," brought together prominent industry experts including Abbas Ehetesham (Digital Supply Solutions Director at Dentsu Indonesia); Aldila Septiadi (Digital Group Head of Marketing Technology at Erajaya); Saravanan Mudaliar (General Manager at Publicis Media Indonesia); and Yustiar Rizawan (Head of Digital & Marketing Communication at Blue Bird Group Indonesia). Moderated by Himanshu Pandey (Chief Executive Officer at Segumento), the panel engaged in a spirited discussion, exploring the potential of programmatic advertising within the CTV ecosystem and uncovering strategies to maximize its impact. 

    panel 3.1 blog

    “There’s almost  100 years worth of experience on stage right now!” Someone rightfully pointed out as we approached the penultimate panel that everyone was eagerly waiting for. The 4th & final session brought together  Himanshu Shekhar (CEO of GroupM South East Asia), Rajat Basra (CEO, President Director, Omnicom Media Group), Satyajit Sen (CEO of Havas Group Indonesia) and Nikhil Kumar - top thought leaders within the Asia region with a collective experience of over a century to discuss  the ultimate question - “Can Connected TV Supplant Linear TV as the Ultimate Medium?” Moderated by Nikhil Kumar, this session sparked an insightful discussion between the panelists and the audience. Rajat noted how with linear TV and CTV it's not either or but a simultaneous coexistence.  Indonesia has always been at the forefront of seamlessly embracing technological revolutions. Just as ASO was executed flawlessly, CTV is now at the forefront of the digital landscape. The ecosystem will gradually educate, adapt, and evolve.- Himanshu mentioned. “The CTV wave is inevitable, It's just a matter of how fast advertisers monetize this opportunity!” - said Satyajit emphasizing the explosive potential of CTV advertising.

    panel 4 blog

    The Connected TV Asia Symposium was a unique one of its kind forum where industry leaders, experts, and visionaries came together in a more collaborative and most important neutral closed-door set-up,  to delve and discuss the multifaceted world of CTV. It ignited a discussion that will propel the future of advertising, content delivery, and consumer engagement in Indonesia and beyond. The audience carried with them a profound understanding that CTV is no longer just the future; it is present, and those who embrace its potential are destined to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape

    Stay tuned as we will be sharing the videos of these exciting panels soon!

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