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    Maximizing Your CTV Ads Impact with Creative Sync Ad Builder

    Sarilya Jaiswal
    Posted by Sarilya Jaiswal

    A Revolutionary Way to Engage Your Audience with CTV Ads

    In today's dynamic digital landscape, advertisers are constantly seeking innovative ways to captivate and engage their target audience. As Connected TV (CTV) viewership skyrockets, traditional advertising methods may fall short of grabbing the attention of today's discerning viewers. That's where the need for original creative formats for CTV becomes crucial.

    Introducing CTV Creative Sync - mediasmart's revolutionary CTV Ad builder. Designed to break free from the constraints of mundane ads, this powerful tool allows advertisers to make creative use of the 'big screen' and keep their audience fully engaged. With a wide array of advanced CTV Ad formats at your fingertips, mediasmart empowers you to breathe life into your ads and create memorable experiences.
    Let's dive deeper into some of the ad formats that mediasmart can provide advertisers to make their marketing more immersive and engaging.

    Cultivating unforgettable brands

    Capturing and retaining brand recognition poses a significant challenge for advertisers in today's sea of brand exposures. To truly stand out, our synced Connected TV formats offer a powerful solution. Take our Brand Sync format, for instance. By showcasing your product in the foreground with an animated stripe, you can highlight your products and main message, increasing brand awareness. This captivating approach ensures viewers are more likely to remember your brand long after the ad and show have ended.

    CTV Ad format

    Driving immersive engagement

    CTV Creative Sync isn't just about brand recognition – it's also about engagement. With the Progress Bar Sync ad format, you can place in the forefront a personalized totem of your product to encourage high levels of completion view. By making the product the central focus, viewers are enticed to watch the entire ad, increasing engagement and driving action. This can help increase engagement and make viewers more likely to take action.

    CTV_ProgressBarSync (1)

    Gathering Deeper Insights

    With proper measurement and insights, optimising your CTV campaigns is possible. Being one of the few programmatic platforms with integrations to measure CTV to Mobile and CTV to CTV conversions, we have additionally developed a Conversion Sync format for CTV. With an integrated QR code, you make it easier for end users to interact with your ad and promote conversions. 

    For instance, a brand that wants to increase downloads on their app can use Conversion sync formats where the QR code drives users to the app store and if they want to promote purchases it could include a deep link to the corresponding app section. Not only the options are endless on the ad itself, but it can also be synced with ads on other screens thanks to our Household sync technology.

    CTV_Conversion Sync (1)

    Maximizing Impact through Personalization

    Using innovative formats, like shown above, is a huge step-up for advertisers. The impact of the same ad being served in different households can vary a lot. Wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to serve the ad depending on conditions? That is exactly what our Offline Sync format does. It allows advertisers to personalize the experience by dynamically adjusting based on real-world conditions like weather, language, TV model, connection type, or even screen size.  This improves the experience for the user. The smart personalization creates a seamless and meaningful connection between your brand and the viewer's offline environment, promoting deeper engagement and a tailored experience that resonates.

    CTV_OfflineSync (2)


    Overall, CTV Creative Sync is a powerful tool that can help you create more engaging and impactful ads for CTV viewers. Whether you're looking to boost brand recognition, increase engagement, gather valuable data, or personalize your ads, CTV Creative Sync has you covered. So why not give it a try and see how it can help take your CTV advertising to the next level? Contact us!


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