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    Affle mDMP is here!

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri

    We have opened Affle mDMP in our platform so you can enjoy new audience segments for your campaigns. Also read below new formats & inventory opportunities for the upcoming elections in the United States and much more!


    Affle mDMP available


    We are excited to announce a new and powerful source of data to our platform!. Affle mDMP is a data management platform exclusively available through mediasmart that will allow you to better target users. Nourished by premium data sources, its main goal is to enhance the performance of campaigns, in order to achieve a deeper understanding of consumers’ intent and behaviour.

    What can Affle mDMP do for you?

    • Audience creation: Create pre defined audience and custom audience using their custom audience builder

    • User data enrichment: Enrich your own user data with Usage, Intent, Product, etc. data attributes

    • Run data science models: Our DS model help you create lookalike models, predictive segmentation and lifetime value among others on your own user data

    • Analytics dashboard: Realtime analytics dashboard to help you understand your custom audience better. (coming soon)

    To check what segments are available you can access your account in mediasmart and see the pre-loaded segments in mediasmart in your Audiences area, Affle mDMP tab. (6)

    Or you can continue to read more here to discover their complete taxonomy and the process to access them.

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    US Elections


    With US Elections around the corner, we want you to be 100% prepared to run campaigns for your candidate(s). Whether you need to focus on 'swing' States, want to reach specific Rally attendees or locate budgets for House, Senate or Gubernatorial races at the local level, we have 5 tools to ace this 2020 campaign cycle: Hyper-locate your ads, create hassle-free dedicated creatives, use Audience Extension strategies, target US Election oriented Mobile Inventory, and comply with restrictions. 

    Continue to read more on what strategy to follow and how to set up your campaigns in mediasmart!

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    New NEXD template available


    Another week, another NEXD format! Introducing their new Infeed Scroll template. As always, available through mediasmart's in-house rich format builder



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    Mopub is deprecating the support for native video ad format


     As Mopub previously communicated in May, they will be deprecating the support for the native video ad format on the MoPub Marketplace on October 1st, 2020. 

    The following statement was shared by Mopub: "You may continue to spend on native video and respond with native video assets until September 30th, 2020. However, starting October 1st, 2020, you should stop responding with a video asset for any native ads. The main image asset, which is a required asset, will be used to render a display static native ad."

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    We are currently hiring! 


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