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    A couple of updates: Dynamic Click-to-map Urls & App Ads.txt for iOS!

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri
    Dynamic Click-to-Map URLs

    As you know, in mediasmart you have several ways of setting up the click-to map feature - if a user sees an impression within "zone A", he will see the map in the middle of "zone A"- This can be pretty useful for campaigns segmented to a small or very specific group of areas. 

    undraw_traveling_t8y2 (1)In our latest version, we have launched two new macros for the clickUrl: geolist longitude and geolist latitude to make your life easier.

    Thanks to these macros, the URL will automatically point to a different latitude and longitude depending on where the user is seeing the ad, so you wont need to set a different Geolist for each POI.


    Apps ads.txt for iOS

    Some releases ago, we launched the ability to support ads.txt in apps. In this latest one, we have expand this, not only to support it for Android but for iOS too!

    Check out all features mediasmart offers for geolocated campaigns!

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