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    Why is it important to measure incrementality in drive-to-store?

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri

    Because getting 'attributed visits' is relatively easy. Just serve the campaign to people around your store and your store visits will probably go through the roof. But is that campaign really impacting your store visits? Definitely not. You would be just targeting and measuring around your store people that would have been there anyway.

    mediasmart drive-to-store solution measures incrementality to be able to know what is the real impact of your mobile campaign. We do so by comparing the behavior of a control group, to whom we don't show the campaign, with the behavior of those who viewed the ads. Both groups share the exact same targeting, so no bias is introduced. And we will provide the advertiser with the following KPI:

    • number of 'attributed visits'
    • '% of exposed visits', which is number of users that saw the campaign that are in the conversion area)
    • '% incremental visit' which shows the real impact of your drive-to-store campaign.
    • we are also able to figure 'incremental visit' and 'cost per incremental visit', if average visits to store are shared with us.
    Drive to Store Dashboard

    Example of drive-to-store dashboard


    Learn more about mediasmart's ready to use proximity campaigns solution that uses the bidstream and it's a real-time and global solution. 


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