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    Webinar: The Power of CTV Advertising & Household Sync [The India Chapter]

    Diksha Sahni
    Posted by Diksha Sahni

    The explosive growth of Connected TV (CTV) viewership blended with Household Sync opens up a power-packed growth success channel for brands & advertisers who want to discover and capture highly engaged audiences. For countries such as India, where the smart TV subscription has grown exponentially, advertising on CTV is the next big frontier.

    According to Statista, internet subscriber growth in India is forecast to reach 974 million by 2025, making it a faster-growing market as compared to the U.S. Factors such as a decrease in the price of data plans and an increase in the internet subscriber base have led to the growth are contributing to the growth of CTV in India. 


    India’s total TV consumption has grown by 37% on the back of accessible and great quality content on streaming platforms, taking the consumption to cross a record 1.21 trillion minutes. According to a media report, 21% CTV viewing households are cord cutters, ie, households who cut the cord with linear TV, in the last five years. This has significantly changed the scales as earlier Direct-to-Home (DTH) was expected to add to the volume of television viewers, instead, we now see a new user pool that is not only moving away from DTH but also cutting the cord completely in favor of OTT/CTV. With the rise of OTT, traditional players have also taken cognizance of the shift in viewing habits and the rise in on-demand content to introduce OTT apps. 


    This is why CTV advertising is the next big for the Indian digital advertising market. Globally, CTV viewing has increased by 81% and in India that statistic currently stands at 31%, opening up huge opportunities for not only online content platforms but also CTV advertising. What does it mean for advertisers and brands?


    In our recent webinar, Nikhil Kumar, Sr Director- Brand & Strategy, In & SEA, mediasmart explores the world of CTV advertising and the unique opportunity waiting to be tapped for advertisers in India. Audience Targeting and Household Sync technology on CTV enable brands to make CTV ads more engaging. By connecting devices in the same household, this technology makes ads more personalized for specific audiences while bringing together the twin strengths of the engaging storytelling associated with (C)TV advertising as well as the targeting and capabilities associated with Programmatic and Digital Advertising.


    If you missed catching the webinar live, here’s a recap video on how brands in India can integrate CTV advertising into their marketing playbook


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