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    #NewHireDiaries: Say hello to our new joiners - Suzanne, Itziar, Advit, and Saurabh

    Lakshya Suneja
    Posted by Lakshya Suneja

    mediasmart’s team is continuously expanding in different regions and as a part of the #NewHireDiaries initiative, we bring you news of our team expansion from Madrid and India this time. 

    A warm welcome to Suzanne, Itziar, Advit, and Saurabh. Let’s hear their working experiences with mediasmart so far! 

    Suzanne Kiszivath - Senior Tech Manager, Client Services


    Before I started working at mediasmart, I knew I needed a meaningful change in my life. I wanted to work in a company where I had a work-life balance, flexibility, and above all, a good work culture. I was eager to learn new things and feel challenged, but at the same time be useful and contribute to the team. I wanted not just to feel and be heard individually but also to be able to work with passion as a team (because I believe that teamwork does the best work).

    My objectives were clear and mediasmart’s values such as “be a generous leader, love curiosity, team effort, go farther, work with passion, and do good and do well” resonated with me. Then, I received an invitation to meet the team as part of the selection process and witnessed first-hand that they truly live their values.  I immediately knew this was the place for me to be and after five months in the company, I am happy to confirm my belief about working here.

    I am challenged daily, I contribute to the team’s success, I have gained back mental health with work-life balance and, most importantly, I feel valued as an employee. Since my first week, the company trusted me (and other members of the team) with what was my first change management project in mediasmart and three months later it is accomplished, presented, and in use. Change is usually difficult to put into practice in many companies, but mediasmart believes that this is just part of an evolution to thrive. I expect in the future to keep learning about the newest updates in the industry and to contribute and support mediasmart in that evolution to be an important pioneer in the market.


    Itziar Monasterio - Account Executive, Client Services 


    Even though my working experience at mediasmart started only a few months ago, I’m pretty sure I made the correct decision when deciding to join the team. With no previous experience or knowledge in the programmatic advertising industry, I went through a seamless onboarding experience, which translated into getting quickly up-to-date with the many terms and abbreviations of the industry. This was only possible with my supportive and attentive team. I am thrilled to be surrounded by great colleagues and senior leaders who are passionate, generous, and always willing to help each other.

    The onboarding process was made even easier thanks to the full access to all training material available within the company. The company’s culture is collaborative, friendly, and motivating, which helps you feel part of the mediasmart family from day one. I really admire my colleagues' hard work, passion, and devotion to helping clients succeed while having fun in the process. I am sure we are in for an exciting journey full of learning and unforgettable moments.

    I’ve always wanted to develop my career in the technology industry, and mediasmart, a constantly growing and innovative AdTech company, is a great place to do so. I am thrilled about what’s to come! 


    Saurabh Kauthale - Senior Manager, Client Services


    I absolutely love working with mediasmart for the Southeast Asia region. Despite a virtual onboarding, my joining was fast and smooth. Here, I got an opportunity to learn various concepts of a demand-side programmatic advertising world, especially CTV (Connected TV) and household sync. 

    I'm fortunate to be working with many talented team members who bring rich experience in account management and bring an environment of learning from their experience. 

    Overall, my experience has been quite positive so far. A month ago, mediasmart organized a meetup for all of the team members in Gurugram, India. It was after a long time that I had a chance to travel after Covid had begun. Need I say, our hearts were filled with joy after seeing each other for the very first time. We carved our sales trajectory together for the coming months. 

    mediasmart’s entrepreneurial mindset, great people, and teams, make it a dream job for me. And I am looking forward to be a part of the new adventures while growing and learning in the company’s open culture.  


    Advit Sharma Associate Director, Sales


    My onboarding process at mediasmart was seamless. I had prior experience in working with publishers but I was completely new to the world of AdTech. The team had set the context for me from day one with pre-planned modules to learn and training sessions happening every now and then. I liked how organized they were! I wasn’t just handed over a bazooka, aka, a gun to fire, but also taught – how it’s built, how does the maintenance takes place, and how you fire it. 

    What’s more exciting is how I am involved in building the mediasmart platform with my team  I feel happy with the warmth, patience, and support extended by everyone. I remember I was made to sing a song on day one of my journey with mediasmart. I think it was the perfect opportunity to break the ice with other people on the call that day. The process was designed so well that it helps new joiners to calmly learn and re-learn the product and the culture.

    You don’t learn how to “play” under the team’s leadership but also win, which eventually becomes a part of your DNA. Talking about DNA, we are a mad bunch of a diverse team, aligned for common goals, with a single motto (#WhateverItTakes) in mind, whether it is creating benchmarks or crossing barriers. 

    We are thrilled to have you all as a part of our team! Mediasmart is continuously looking for candidates across the globe, so if you are looking for your next big move, check our current open positions. 

    Come join us!

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