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    New Video targeting options ; pre/mid/post roll & rewarded video!

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri on October 8, 2019

    We have launched a great update regarding how you reach video formats within our platform. You can now select to target video ads to specific video positions; Pre-mid & post roll from your campaign set up.

    New Video Targeting options in mediasmart
    Before, you were able to target these types of formats by targeting deals or publishers lists. Now you can select it directly form your targeting options of your campaign and target Pre Roll, Mid Roll, Post Roll and/or rewarded video.

    If you have any video campaign in mediasmart,  from now on you are able to target by different video formats; Pre-roll / Mid-roll / Post-roll & Rewarded video directly from your campaign!


    More updates in the latest version 1.4.28

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