New time based Audiences!

We have a couple of news regarding audiences. From a new way of creating audiences by "x" days to a new way of viewing and managing all of your Private audiences. Keep reading below and enjoy!

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Time-targeting Audiences
You can now create time based audiences based on your campaign behaviour audiences!
In other words, if you have a list on your retargeting section collecting users IDs for those who have clicked your ad, now you can create an additional list based on this one, that will collect users that have clicked your ad in the last 7 days, 15 days, 20 days, etc!
Or, you can target users that have clicked your ad for the last 30 days, and exclude the ones that have clicked your ad in the last 7 days!
More updates in the latest version 1.4.31
  • New table view for audiences: Easy way to manage your audiences; see how many users they have, which ones are retargeting audiences, download all of them at the same time, or delete the ones you need!

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