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    Just Launched! mediasmart’s In-House Viewability Solution

    Diksha Sahni
    Posted by Diksha Sahni

    We are excited to announce the launch of our in-house solution for ad viewability that helps advertisers track, optimize, and measure viewability in real-time. mediasmart viewability solution tracks viewability following IAB standards and works on both OMID and non-OMID compliant inventory.

    Viewability is a measurement metric that helps advertisers to track the ad impressions which are viewed by a user. The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) categorizes an ad to be considered as “viewed” if at least 50% of the banner or creative is displayed on-screen for more than one second for display and two seconds on video. With viewability, advertisers are able to improve campaign optimization and keep costs down as they can invest in what is really being viewed and fight ad fraud!

    mediasmart’s solution gives easy access to full granularity in viewability reports and we are also working to soon make available options to customize your own threshold according to your performance criteria.

    With our in-house solution, you get three levels of insights:

    -   Ad Loaded: indicates the Mediasmart Viewability code can track the viewability. This is transparent information that’s shared so that buyers can know when viewability can be tracked or not.
    -  Ad Viewed: indicates the Mediasmart Viewability code has tracked that the impression has been viewed according to IAB’s standards (default behaviour).
    - Ad Error: this indicates either the viewability was not measurable or mediasmart Viewability’s script faced an unexpected error.

    How to set up mediasmart viewability solution?

    When you are configuring a campaign, you will be able to decide whether you want to track viewability with mediasmart viewability solution (MVS). Once you set the option, you will be able to see the terms and conditions to move forward as well as a pricing option. Based on the targeting inventory, you will be able to add keywords. When you create a campaign and you select to measure viewability with mediasmart viewability solution, the system will automatically add the tags/scripts to each of the campaign default, based on the technical specs.

    The mediasmart viewability solution works with all types of campaigns and with all trackers.

    Want to find out more about our solution and how you can take advantage of this? You can check out our detailed documentation here or reach out to us at

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