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    Affle's mediasmart platform launches new proprietary technology to maximize user awareness and boost ad engagement

    Diksha Sahni
    Posted by Diksha Sahni

    mediasmart has launched a patent-pending functionality to help clients reach those users who have been exposed to lesser advertising and are thus more likely to engage and recall the message. mediasmart’s new feature –  ‘Maximize User Awareness’ – is aimed at helping advertisers boost user engagement, drive greater conversions and result in greater awareness and impact.

    With this launch, mediasmart aims to help its clients by improving ad awareness and the likelihood of interaction with ads. By detecting the number of times a device is exposed to ads, mediasmart can filter campaigns to focus only on those users who have seen fewer ads and have proven to be more likely to engage, improving click-through rates (CTR) and maximizing the ROI. In a nutshell, optimizing budgets by reducing wasted ad impressions. 

    4-Sep-14-2022-09-28-47-11-AMCommenting on the launch Noelia Amoedo, CEO, mediasmart, said, “The ad industry is constantly evolving and we understand that merely serving ads is not enough. It is equally important for advertisers to get viewers’ attention to enhance engagement and brand recall. It has always been our endeavour to build a digital ad future on the strong foundations of efficiency, measurability and consent in a GDPR-first region. The latest addition to our platform’s offerings has been designed to keep the advertiser's interest and user privacy at the center.”

    5-4Guillermo Fernández, Chief Technology Officer at Affle’s mediasmart who drove the development of this feature, said, “The AdTech industry struggles with ad wastage due to a number of factors, with ad fatigue being one of them. We have been examining how engagement and user awareness change depending on the number of ads displayed on the same device before. With the user awareness feature, we sought to solve this puzzle by finding a correlation between the number of ads served to mobile or tv devices and their viewers' engagement. The feature is a pioneering technology that seeks to make ad serving more efficient and act sooner by getting ahead of ad wastage, offering maximized return on investment for the advertisers while keeping user interest high.”

    The patent application for the unique technology powering this innovation has already been filed in the US. This innovation also integrates well with Affle group's consistent focus on delivering Consumer Acceptable ads that maximise impact and ROI for the advertisers.


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