mediasmart latest release news; about privacy & new targeting filter!

We bring you news regarding privacy- TCF 2.0, a couple of changes in our console; Target apps by their rating on app stores, a use case to reach audiences and some open positions to join us!

TCF 2.0

You might be aware that, the IAB has issued a new version of their Transparency & Consent Framework (2.0) that will come into full effect on June 30th, 2020. We have put together some questions and answers to summarize what this means and clarify the effect it will have in your campaigns running on mediasmart, which target countries in the European Economic Area.

Also, in case you have missed it, we take this chance to remind you that in addition to GDPR we are also compliant with CCPA in California!

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Latest Release launch


undraw_Mobile_app_p3ts (1)When you select App inventory in the Targeting section of your campaign, we have included a new filter for you: App rating. You will be able to choose to target Apps by their App rating (as seen in the App stores).

27-277129_xandr-logo-rgb-at-t-xandr-logo-png Be aware that our Supply partner Appnexus has made some branding changes; They are now called: Xandr.

undraw_pride_y0teJune sees Annual Pride Celebrations across the globe and given that most of those celebrations are being held online, and as a way to acknowledge the role LGTBIAQ+ plays in our society, the mediasmart team decided to put together a Pride Guide for Advertisers (including a one pager), to ensure we can give visibility to the community. Enjoy reading!

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Want to join us? We're hiring!


      We have open positions in our sales and tech teams! 

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