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    #NewHireDiaries: mediasmart is expanding its operations in Brazil

    Posted by Monalisa Roy

    For years, Brazil has been a frontrunner in the digital race in Latin America. With the constant shifts in the ad tech market and rising demand for omnichannel strategies that deliver results across all stages of the marketing funnel, mediasmart is bolstering its local operations by expanding the sales team to streamline onboarding processes, and drive innovation for agencies, trading desks, and brands.

    Fernando Marques, boasting over 17 years of experience in the digital market, joins the local sales team to enhance the platform's reach in the region among agencies and trading desks.

    fernando marques“My journey in advertising began in 2006 with a total focus on digital. I had the privilege of starting this challenge at BuscaPé, which was a search marketplace in the market, and a school for many professionals who worked there. Since then it's been a little over 17 years of learning and enjoying the evolution of the market.

    Practically 80% of my career has been focused on sales, but I have had experience in advertising agencies and advertisers. In my career as a sales professional, I realized that I needed to look for innovative solutions and whether they were true to what they delivered.

    When I met mediasmart, it was love at first sight. At the end of 2018, a media group invited me to represent mediasmart in Brazil. Later that year, a client from a large group within the agency referred me to Taísa Pereira, and to top it off, mediasmart was exactly what I expected. Both in terms of solutions and company culture.

    It was an absolute honor when I met Taísa, the Director of the Brazil and Latam team, and Noélia, CEO of mediasmart.  I'm very excited and grateful for the opportunity. I'm sure we'll be very successful in Brazil and LATAM. Because a group that values and cares about its employees can only grow and do a lot of good things in the advertising market.” 

    Taísa Pereira, Regional Director of mediasmart for Latin America, comments:

    Taisa"The Brazilian ad tech market has been undergoing significant changes. Advancements in areas such as measurement in Connected TV and the increasing demand for branding strategies that reinforce Performance results position Brazil as the focal point of our operations in Latin America.

    The expansion of our sales team since the beginning of the year, with the arrival of Raquel Miguel and now Fernando, reinforces our commitment to providing the Brazilian market with responsive local support focused on crafting strategies that impact every stage of the marketing funnel."

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