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    Measuring success on your Connected TV campaigns using Household sync

    Olatz Goicoechea
    Posted by Olatz Goicoechea on October 22, 2021

    The budget split question explored on the Sync your CTV campaign with the household like a pro article drives us to dig deeper into the goals of a campaign when targeting Connected TV (CTV) and using Household Sync technology, and how to effectively reach them.

    Usually, advertising campaigns have a particular goal in mind. Your aim could be from 'simply' increasing brand awareness to selling that particular pair of yellow boots that are your flagship product. So you might want to be better known as the best, the cooler, the less affordable, the cheapest, the funniest... Or you might want to measure success with something more tangible: conversions, actions you expect your targeted users to do at a given moment, prompted by your ad campaigns. Conversions can range from app downloads to sign-ups, lead generation, purchases on e-commerce, actual visits to physical stores... just to name a few.

    If you are bent on tracking conversions, in the best case scenario, mediasmart should track them too. That way our algorithms can automatically target the inventory that is driving better results or, in other words, you could use our CPA (Cost per Action) algorithms, for up to 5 different conversions. The tracking could be done either via a Server-to-server integration, a Pixel placed on a website or any of our MMP integrations.

    One of the most interesting facts of using Household syncing technology is that you can track conversions on mobile after placing branding oriented ads on the smart TV. If we are equipped to track and attribute post-impression actions on both CTV and Mobile, we would be able to tell you that X% budget on CTV and Y% budget on Mobile is getting +A% increase in Brand Awareness, +B% in Visits or +C% Conversions. When in doubt, our team can help you set the correct configuration to measure conversions. 

    Whatever your campaign purpose is, you will want to ensure you are reaching the correct set of users. To that extent, you can target segments based either on Mobile IDs or on IPs/Households. 

    If you are targeting a mobile-based segment, like a Location-based audience you build around certain areas, then you can: 

    • either use our Cross-screen technology to directly target those users only CTV (without 'proper' Household sync) or 
    • you could alternatively spend first on Mobile and then on CTV or
    • first on CTV and then on Mobile using Household syncing

    If your target group is based on Mobile, take into account it will be much easier to spend on Mobile than on CTV due to volume availability. This will surely mean that the spending might be biased towards Mobile.  

    If you are targeting an IP-based segment directly on CTV, for example, a segment from our partner DigiSeg, then you will be able to find the users and start spending directly on CTV in an easier way, because it will allow identifying the households first. Then, depending on the reach of Mobile and your campaign settings, the split can be in favour of CTV.

    It is obvious that the available inventory will also play a major part in the success of a Connected TV campaign using household sync. Especially given the fact that pricing and available volume is so different in both types of devices. CTV has a lesser reach and higher prices (still being cheaper than traditional TV ads) than Mobile. On top of checking the available inventory using our self-serve tools and checking with our Client Services team before launching any CTV campaign (so we can ensure that all available traffic is open), we always recommend you set up or use existing deals for CTV to ensure delivery. 

    All things considered, when doing Household sync on a Connected TV campaign, the desired split of spend or impressions will inevitably be impacted by the tactic of media buying: use of data, available inventory, etc. and the existing spend dynamic between Mobile and CTV. Overall, everything will depend on what are the goals to achieve. 

    If you currently are a client, feel free to contact your usual person of contact for more information or guidance for a particular campaign.

    If you want to start working with us, you can directly sign-up here or alternatively e-mail with any inquiry.

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