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    Decoding Brand Safety in the New Era of Television, introducing our feature AI CTVSafe

    Olatz Goicoechea
    Posted by Olatz Goicoechea

    As audiences transition from traditional TV to CTV, content consumption exploded from a single screen at a given time through a given channel to a myriad of screens, apps, and times. While usage patterns and innovations are constantly reshaping Connected TV (CTV), brand safety in advertising has become an ever more pressing concern. The challenge of ensuring a secure and brand-appropriate advertising environment has surged to the forefront.

    Join us as we explore Brand Safety in the new CTV era with mediasmart's AI CTVSafe, empowering your brand in the dynamic TV landscape—ready to fortify?

    Setting the Stage: The Challenge of Brand Safety in CTV

    A whole new beast, TV consumption has shifted in the last decade. If we examine closely Latin America, 85% of users in the region prefer online TV content, and if given a choice between the two services, a staggering 80% would opt for streaming TV. Across the pond, while Malta recorded the highest rates (78%), it’s estimated that 40% of households in Europe’s biggest markets - UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain - use Connected TVs. The rough calculation: there are more than 61 million households consuming CTV in the EU. On an eastward journey, CTV has also become a 4-hour daily ritual in India where on-demand content reigns supreme. Highlighting a rich content landscape, 82% of Indian CTV devices actively engage with 4+ OTT platforms. This underscores the global preference for digital on-demand content consumption, where advertisers face multifaceted challenges in upholding brand safety. 

    The broad spectrum of content necessitates vigilant efforts to prevent misalignment between advertising and CTV content to mitigate the risk of brand misrepresentation and reputational damage. Imagine a scenario where an upbeat advertisement for a family-friendly product inadvertently plays alongside adult content, not only creating an incongruent viewer experience but also brand associations that advertisers do not want.

    Let us stress how ensuring contextual alignment and suitability of advertisements within the diverse content available on CTV platforms presents a layer of complexity that can directly impact campaign performance. 

    Take, for example, an advertiser promoting a fitness app. Their campaign isn’t performing any brand safety check and ends up running alongside content that includes hate speech, incurring undesired associations, and possibly a lot of unforeseen ramifications. Every advertiser's worst PR nightmare. How different would that same campaign perform if run in a brand-safe environment? With the right partner, ads could even be strategically placed within health and wellness content which, in turn, would reach viewers interested in a healthier lifestyle and maximize the impact of their message.

    Simultaneously, as the intricate CTV ecosystem becomes susceptible to malicious activities, ad fraud and invalid traffic become another concern. On top of it, the evolving landscape of privacy regulations compounds the challenges, demanding strict adherence to data protection laws. 

    In essence, the intersection of content context, ad fraud, and privacy concerns poses a critical balancing act for advertisers striving to maintain brand safety in the vibrant world of CTV.

    Introducing AI CTVSafe to decode Brand safety in Connected TV 

    How to face these challenges? Experience pioneering Brand Safety with mediasmart's AI CTVSafe, a feature rooted in innovation. 

    This proprietary technology meticulously assesses Ad Suitability of CTV traffic. It leverages our extensive expertise in Connected TV (CTV), the content information shared by OpenRTB 2.6 and the proven capabilities of OpenAI - through mediasmart’s unique prompt engineering - to automatically filter out risk categories. Thus, ensuring that advertisers benefit from a secure and brand-appropriate environment. 

    Being the latest transformative force, solving a huge range of day-to-day problems, it seems unnecessary to present yet again how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has shifted how we interact with technology. Capturing everyone's attention, ‘GPT’ (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) also known as ‘Chat GPT’ is the most famous type of AI Large Language Model (LLM). Our product and engineering teams have capitalized on that natural language processing and machine learning techniques that understand and generate human-like text, to systematically filter out various risk categories, as defined by the brand safety guidelines of the IAB. 

    Those risk categories include, but are not limited to: adult content, offensive language, hate speech, disturbing content, piracy or copyright infringement, fake news and misinformation, harmful substances, content inappropriate for young viewers, and gambling and betting materials. By proactively screening for these elements, our platform ensures that advertisers can confidently deliver their messages to their target audiences in a brand-safe environment. This comprehensive filtration mechanism safeguards brands from association with undesirable content on CTV campaigns.

    With this innovative feature, we not only prioritize brand safety but also streamline the advertising process, allowing brands to confidently navigate the dynamic landscape of CTV with precision and ease. 

    Final Thoughts on how to get started: implement AI CTVSafe today

    In this age of constant innovation, we invite you to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to not only navigate but thrive in Connected TV as part of omnichannel strategies. 

    Our commitment to seamless integrations is also reflected here. It is a global, no-code, complementary solution—activating AI CTVSafe is just a click away. Yes, you read that well, there are no additional costs for implementing it in any of the CTV campaigns you run on mediasmart. 

    Elevate your brand safety standards effortlessly with mediasmart's AI CTVSafe, where groundbreaking technology meets user-friendly implementation. Decode with us the intricacies of Brand Safety and discover how our AI CTVSafe is set to redefine the rules of the game. 

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