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    Artefact partners with mediasmart to maximise incremental footfall

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri on April 10, 2019

    Artefact’s international trading desk partners with mediasmart to maximise incremental footfall from global drive-to-store campaigns. Artefact maximises campaign impact by measuring incremental footfall in real-time anywhere around the world, powered by mediasmart technology.


    London, April 2nd, 2019 – Artefact, an agency with tech, data and AI at its core, uses MediaSmart real-time footfall tracking and optimization capabilities to allow advertisers to maximise the incremental impact of their drive-to-store campaigns.


    Artefact’s international trading desk not only measures incremental campaign visits while the campaign is running, but it also uses the transparent, granular campaign data shared - while respecting all privacy regulations - by mediasmart’s platform. This allows the optimisation of campaigns on a day to day basis. Both algorithmical and manual optimisation enable Artefact to maximise the incremental amount of store visits generated.


    Traditionally, measuring drive-to-store effectiveness and impact by tracking users’ locations was available only at the end of the campaign. Additionally, you often had to work with multiple solutions to cover various countries. With mediasmart technology, Artefact can now manage information in real-time and run drive-to-store campaigns globally. Check our joint case study.


    “We wanted to manage and deliver our cross country drive-to-store campaigns on a self-serve basis in order to have full transparency in our media buying. In-store measurement has always been a big challenge for our advertisers,” said Emilie Chau, Head of Display & Programmatic at Artefact France. “It was obvious for us to select mediasmart as our drive-to-store DSP as it offers a unique tool in real-time measurement and optimisations. We have increased in-store visits from 5% to 10% for our advertisers.”


    “We are very proud to provide the underlying media buying and tracking technology for an agency such as Artefact", said Noelia Amoedo, CEO mediasmart. “We thrive when collaborating with partners who let data drive their decisions and who look for real campaign impact and value for advertisers.”


    Artefact (formerly NetBooster group) is a marketing agency built on the perfect union of marketers and engineers. The agency works with global brands to redefine the future of customer experience through new technologies. Artefact is one of the largest independent international media agencies led by media and data experts. The company has 27 offices across 19 countries, with 1000+ employees. Over 600 clients, including 100+ blue chip clients such as AccorHotels, Orange, Carrefour, Emirates, Deutsche Telekom and Monoprix, rely on the agency’s profound marketing experience. Artefact is listed on the Euronext Growth Paris Stock Exchange.


    mediasmart Mobile is the first programmatic media buying solution that enables mobile advertisers to easily run campaigns driven by incremental metrics.

    mediasmart Mobile was one of the first movers into the mobile programmatic ecosystem, having launched in Jan 2012. It gives access to global mobile inventory - both in mobile apps and web - from more than thirty ad exchanges/SSPs, and it has successfully proven throughout the years that its algorithms can effectively manage big data to deliver results. A proven and scalable technology, currently handling more than 900,000 ad requests per second, mediasmart can be used directly by clients on a self-serve basis or via APIs, and it handles both RTB and programmatic direct buys.

    Located in Madrid, London and Paris, mediasmart Mobile includes a team of mobile and advertising experts and is backed by well-known investors KOMM Investment (Michael Kleindl) and Kibo Ventures (Aquilino Peña).

    For more information, visit mediasmart, follow @mediasmart_mb or contact


    Appeared on: ExchangeWire,  El Publicista, Interactiva Digital, El Programa de la publicidad, Economia de hoy


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