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    Work with or at an NGO and want free media exposure with mediasmart?

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri

    The mediasmart team are constantly running tests in order to improve our mobile DSP and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns run through our platform, including display, video and native creatives.

    Testing new features with real campaigns allows us to track results and identify any bugs or other issues, before we make the feature available to the rest of the mediasmart platform and our customers.

    Running what we call “placebo” creatives alongside the advertiser creatives allows us to measure where and when the advertisers’ creatives are being effective, and helps us to identify suspicious or fraudulent activities. We're spending quite some media budget in testing and placebo creatives, and this is only going to increase. So we thought it would be good to work with charities or NGOs to fill the advertising spaces we are buying anyway with ads for good causes.

    That way, we get to test new features and to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns, while our NGO partner will get an ad campaign shown to thousands of people - for free. All they'd have to do is supply their creatives and work with us to make sure that the campaign is set up in a way that is useful for the charity. There's no catch and no cost. It would just mean a win-win for both Mediasmart and the NGOs we eventually work with.

    If you work at a forward-thinking NGO and want to work with mediasmart to generate exposure for your campaigns, please get in touch by completing the following form and we can discuss how we can work together on this opportunity.

    And if you don't work at an NGO, please share with any charities or NGOs you support and think would benefit from this!



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