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Creating Compelling Stories Across Screens: A Year in Review (FY24)

An exceptional year for mediasmart! We're thrilled to present an introspective journey into mediasmart’s defining moments from the past year. Our...

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    Creating Compelling Stories Across Screens: A Year in Review (FY24)

    Posted by Monalisa Roy

    An exceptional year for mediasmart! 

    We're thrilled to present an introspective journey into mediasmart’s defining moments from the past year. Our annual reflection is more than a mere recount; it's a celebration of our collective achievements, a testament to the resilience of our team, and an acknowledgment of the trust and support of our clients. 

    This past year was marked by unprecedented challenges, but also extraordinary wins that have set new benchmarks for mediasmart. From empowering clients with omnichannel solutions to crafting award-winning campaigns, we navigated the year with innovation, creativity, and relentless determination.

    Let’s explore mediasmart’s FY24 journey.

    Website revamp: Redefining Multichannel Advertising

    We revamped our website to give it a fresh look and highlight our features. The new website reflects our commitment to innovation and our mission to integrate consumer journeys across screens for maximum impact.

    The new tagline, "Integrating Consumer Journeys Across Screens," highlights our focus on providing seamless advertising solutions that empower advertisers to connect with their audiences effectively, regardless of the screen they are using. We’ve harnessed the power of omnichannel marketing by seamlessly integrating three screens to maximize impact. With our solutions, advertisers can build a cohesive and meaningful customer journey with CTV, DOOH and Mobile.

    The redesigned website also features improved navigation and user experience, making it easier for visitors to explore our range of services and solutions. From programmatic advertising to connected TV (CTV) and mobile advertising, our website showcases how we help advertisers reach their target audiences with precision and impact.

    New Launches

    We are committed to innovating and improving our solutions continuously. Introducing our latest launches:

    1. AI CTVSafe Feature

    With ad fraud in CTV surging by 69% in 2022, we launched AI CTVSafe, our pioneering Brand Safety solution that meticulously assesses the Ad suitability of CTV traffic. This feature automatically filters out risk categories and safeguards brands from association with undesirable content on CTV campaigns.

    2. CTV App sync

    mediasmart has partnered with the best MMPs to help our clients track cross-device conversions. With our CTV App Sync solution, you can now track conversions on mobile devices such as app downloads, purchases etc 

    3. Creative Ad formats 

    a) CTV Creative Sync

    CTV Creative Sync was designed to break free from the constraints of mundane ads and keep your audience engaged. This innovative and powerful tool enables advertisers to utilize the big screen effectively and empowers advertisers to bring ads to life. The seamless integration of QR codes in the ad format allows advertisers to foster real-time engagement among high-intent users by redirecting them to the brand’s website with UTM tracking.

    b) Survey Ads

    Survey Ads are one of our newest creative ad formats in partnership with NexD. This cutting-edge solution was designed to help brands understand their customers better and create a hassle-free experience. Your end users no longer need to visit a landing page. They can answer questions directly within the creative in their preferred app or web. 

    c) Social to display ads

    mediasmart’s social display solution backed by NexD, allows advertisers to convert social media posts/ads into display. This will help advertisers save time and effort in their creative production and unify their message across screens.

    d) Click to Wallet Destination

    An exciting way to build customer loyalty. This solution allows you to create coupons and loyalty cards that the user can add to their wallets on iPhone or Password in Android. 

    4. Privacy: Compliant with TCF 2.2

    mediasmart is TCF 2.2 compliant which means that personal information will only be processed when consent has been granted by the end user


    This year, we’ve partnered with some of the industry's leading brands, enhancing our ability to innovate within Connected TV (CTV), Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), and Mobile campaigns. Some of our partners include Broadsign, Vistar Media,  IAS, VIOOH, and Vungle among others.

    image (20)
    We collaborated with our partners in our #GSWM series to talk about acing DOOH campaigns. Industry experts: Guillermo Garcia Maruny, Director of business development EMEA at Broadsign, Diederick Ubels MD EME at Sage+Archer \ Vistar Media, and Sam Smith, Partnership Manager at VIOOH shared insights on messaging, design, selecting locations and more.

    Furthermore, our expanded network and collaborations have significantly boosted our capabilities and offerings globally.

    Our mobile reach has expanded significantly through partnerships with Vungle and Brave, providing our clients with more access to targeted and effective gaming inventory tailored to meet their unique business needs. We have also significantly enriched our in-gaming inventory by testing and adding Adinmo and Anzu to our offering via some of our key partners, these two companies specialize in in-game advertising, offering non-intrusive, context-aware ads that blend seamlessly into the gaming environment.

    To improve our access to Connected TV inventory, we've integrated Verve CTV. This completes our integrations with the different Verve Group SSPs and enhances our ability to tap into crucial supply, solidifying our position in the CTV market. 

    We support programmatic guaranteed deals with our partners Equativ and Pubmatic that allow our advertisers to access premium inventory. Furthermore, we've secured a range of curated deals aimed at seasonal events like the Cricket World Cup the shopping season, or carbon-neutral access to traffic while focusing on specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as High video completion rates, High Click-Through Rates (CTRs), and high attention metrics, in partnership with Pubmatic and Adelaide.

    To help advertisers measure their campaigns we’ve partnered with Innovid. Clients can effortlessly use/utilize Innovid Vast tags into mediasmart, enabling Innovid to verify the data displayed on our platform accurately. Moreover, we've enhanced our Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) integrations for CTV App Sync with industry leaders Adjust, AppsFlyer, and Kochava, ensuring robust and reliable tracking capabilities.

    mediasmart has always positioned the audience at the center stage. To help understand and reach your audience better we’ve updated our partnership with Adsquare. We've also facilitated new integrations allowing clients to utilize their first-party audiences with mParticle and Lotame to enhance the personalization and effectiveness of their campaigns. Our offerings have expanded geographically with Digiseg, now covering more countries in the Middle East.

    Our context capabilities have broadened with Peer39, covering brand suitability for specific conflicts (Israel/Palestine) and introducing new attention metrics for web inventory.

    Moving forward, we are pleased to announce our newest integration with IAS, focusing on enhancing Viewability, preventing Invalid Traffic, and providing advanced Brand Safety Protection, alongside Contextual segments for improved targeting and avoidance measures.

    In India and SEA, we're seizing a significant opportunity in the realm of Connected TV (CTV) through Free ad-supported streaming television (FAST). We're empowering brands to effectively engage with audiences who are transitioning from traditional linear TV. To do this, we’ve meticulously curated an extensive selection of 575+ channels across 15 diverse genres. Brands can precisely reach their desired audience segments through targeted content clusters such as Lifestyle, Food, Entertainment, Travel, Kids, and more, and maximize their impact.

    Media, PR and Events

    In the past year, mediasmart has been successful in establishing a robust presence across both online and offline mediums. Through our authored and featured articles, we have shared our expertise on a wide range of topics, including programmatic advertising, connected TV (CTV), IPL and festive season, Gen AI, and its impact on CTV. This strategic approach has not only expanded our reach but has also allowed us to establish ourselves as thought leaders in the programmatic and CTV advertising space. 

    We also had our first offline coverage with Impact magazine. This story highlighted the multi-platform consumption of sports, festive trends, and the rising significance of Connected TV. 

    mediasmart attended over 35+ global events wherein we actively talked about CTV’s driving force and impact and how our solutions have helped brands ace their revenue. We’ve talked about the growing market of CTV and had super exciting conversations with industry leaders. 

    In India and Asia, our Chief Growth Officer, Nikhil Kumar, has led numerous conversations covering everything from programmatic advertising to the future of CTV.  The panel discussions held by Nikhil are strategically aligned with technology/CTV-first events to establish us as thought leaders in the industry. In this space, we share insights and drive industry-first conversations. These engagements are not about promoting mediasmart, but rather about highlighting the latest trends and predicting the future of the CTV industry.

    In Brazil, our regional director, LATAM, Taisa Pereira along with the talented Guilherme Mahlow Regolim, Aldo Pacheco, and Ivan Correa, were honored to participate in a captivating panel where they shared valuable insights on how to achieve tangible results, from Branding and Awareness campaigns.

    In Europe, we attended DMEXCO 2023 with Kelly Leonard: VP of Operations, Jonathan Hagege: EMEA Commercial Director, and Gema Posada: Associate Director for strategic partnerships to discuss how we can elevate your CTV efforts and how you can take advantage of our valuable solutions to seamlessly unite the consumer journey across diverse screens!

    Industry-first CTV IP 

    mediasmart launched the CTV Symposium in collaboration with Agency Reporter to drive the future of CTV advertising. This was mediasmart’s brainchild to establish and solidify our presence in the CTV landscape & create a Whiteboard space to discuss the future of CTV. Whiteboard discussion is a forum where industry leaders can be creative and brainstorm ideas to map the future insights of CTV landscape. The event was conducted across multiple locations in India and Southeast Asia.


    mediasmart won over 45 awards across categories like CPG, Food and Beverage, Media and entertainment, Retail, Travel, and more.  Our continuous focus on innovation and providing seamless multi-screens solutions for our customers has led us to achieve 3 platform level accolades solidifying our position as a programmatic-first platform that is adept at Integrating Consumer Journeys Across Screens. 


    High Performer at G2 Awards

    We're thrilled to announce that we've earned 5 brand-new badges this year across 20 G2 reports! We've been crowned as 'High Performer' in the Demand Side Platform category and in various regional categories, including EMEA, Europe, and the Americas

    badges (1)

    Global Expansion and Success

    Looking back, one of our most significant achievements has been the remarkable growth and global expansion of our team. We are now operational in 100+ countries. This global expansion enhances our presence in crucial markets and significantly broadens our reach internationally. With our expanded team, we are better positioned to serve and foster meaningful connections with our clients globally.

    Our relentless pursuit of innovation has yielded remarkable success for our clients. With over a dozen case studies from India, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, we present a portfolio of success stories that tells a tale of challenges faced, strategies implemented, and results achieved, thus, underscoring our commitment to client satisfaction and campaign excellence. 

    We invite you to explore the success stories that have allowed us to win awards and helped us establish a stronger presence in our industry, innovate beyond traditional boundaries, and forge meaningful relationships with our clients and partners. 

    Explore our curated selection of case studies that showcase our commitment to innovation, excellence, and remarkable successes

    Moving Forward

    We are proud to acknowledge our progress and achievements in innovation and expansion in the past year. Our team's relentless pursuit of excellence has led to groundbreaking products, expanded services, and entry into new markets. This could not have been possible without the hard work of our employees and the trust of our customers and partners. We are grateful for the support and collaboration that have driven our success. Looking ahead, we are excited about our latest Beta launch designed with a keen focus on UI/UX to simplify, guide, and standardize the complex world of programmatic advertising. Here’s to continuing on with this journey of growth and innovation, building on our accomplishments to reach even greater heights.

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