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mediasmart and Navegg partner to offer to advertisers Navegg ID’s segmentation natively through first seem integration in the LATAM Region

Navegg and mediasmart, a unified programmatic platform, have announced a partnership to offer its clients more options in advanced targeting, the ...

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    On weekends, Spanish mobile users prefer to go online right after waking up

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri on November 6, 2013

    On weekdays and vacation, smartphone users use their mobiles more during the afternoon. The last report developed by mediasmart, through its mediasmart platform, analyzes, by day and time slot, the usage and mobile connectivity trends of Spanish smartphone users

    mediasmart has revealed interesting information about the usage and connectivity trends of Spanish smartphone users; these results analyze the Internet usage in mobile devices during September, reference month that marks the beginning of the work year after the summer vacation. The data collected by mediasmart through its mediasmart platform show the comparison and Internet usage during the months of August and September, both in weekdays and weekends, and broken down by time slots.

    During the weekends, users go online on their smartphones right after waking up, while during weekdays and on vacation, users connect most on the afternoon.

    mediasmart has analyzed the behavior patterns in weekdays compared to weekends, as well as by time slot. While in August there was a similar connectivity pattern during the weekend and the weekdays, most Spanish users going back to work during September has given interesting results. In August and during weekdays in September, Spanish users connect to the Internet mostly after 3pm. During the weekends, however, the results of the mediasmart report show that users connect through their mobile device right after waking up, between 9am and noon, and show a balanced trend throughout the day.

    Internet usage from mobile devices increases during the weekend

    During weekdays, mediasmart reports that there is a very similar usage from Monday to Friday, where there is a clear spike in traffic in the afternoon, after 3pm. However, there is a clear difference in user behavior during the weekend: both on Saturday and Sunday, users go online early in the morning, interacting with their mobile phone linearly during the rest of the day. The increase in traffic between 8am and 3pm leads to more advertising inventory generation during the weekend, compared to weekdays.

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