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Big Screens, Bigger Impact: Olympic Advertising

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    New video supply partners and more...

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri

    You may have noticed that we did not communicate when releasing v.1.0.5. so, we now give you one update for v.1.0.5. and v.1.0.6. together. mediasmart console keeps improving week after week and sometimes it is difficult for us to keep up! Today we want to highlight the new Invoicing area, which allows organizations’ owners to check invoices and their status.

    We also mentioned in our last communication a couple of new video supply partners - Fyber and StickyAds - and said that AppNexus video format was coming. Well, we can say now that AppNexus video is here, and we also have some more good news from them if you read below!

    Invoicing Area

    We often got requests from customers asking for invoices that their finance team didn´t get or couldn´t find so, we decided to make invoices readily available. From now on, Owners of an organization can see a new area called “Invoicing” at the bottom of the left menu, where they can check monthly invoices issued for their organization. Each invoice is represented in a box and you can click on the invoice to be directed to the invoice in our invoicing system: a URL where you can download the invoice or pay it. If your finance team doesn´t find a particular email, you can always click on the corresponding invoice in console, and send to them the URL you get directed to.

    Invoicing Area

    AppNexus removing Auditing Fees starting in November

    You will be delighted to know that our exchange partner AppNexus will apply no more auditing fees ($1 per audit) for each creative running in their inventory. This line item will therefore not be charged in invoices from November onwards.

    New Features Available in v1.0.5. and v1.0.6.

    These are some of the additional features included in the latest updates of our console:

    • Include titles when downloading a chart
    • Creative library not automatically opened when adding creatives in wizard “By Day” type of chart automatically defaulted to in reporting templates instead of Total when it makes sense
    • New 300x250 size for video ad unit
    • Ability to download tracking pixels/postbacks
    • Support for video with AppNexus
    • Bug fixes

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