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    mediasmart and Navegg partner to offer to advertisers Navegg ID’s segmentation natively through first seem integration in the LATAM Region

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri

    Navegg and mediasmart, a unified programmatic platform, have announced a partnership to offer its clients more options in advanced targeting, the Navegg ID’s, that now can be purchased natively though mediasmart DSP. This partnership is a win-win opportunity for advertisers who want more data and early access to Navegg Cookieless Segments.

    Mediasmart's partnership with Navegg stands out for being the first in offering the purchase of Navegg ID’s segments natively through a DSP in the LATAM Region. Allowing advertisers to combine the power of Location Awareness of mediasmart with Navegg ID’s for a full cookieless targeting strategy, curating audiences based on their online and offline behavior.

    What makes this partnership so powerful to your Audience Buying process?

    mediasmart and Navegg’s partnership will help make advertisers' audience buying process more easily integrated when creating digital strategies. Now besides the other cookieless options offered by mediasmart DSP’s, advertisers will be able to add a layer of innovation with Navegg ID’s segments, mixing and matching the curation of audiences based on their online, and offline behavior with mediasmart Location Awareness Tech, enhancing :

    > Reach and Brand Impact
    Combining Navegg IDs segments to mediasmart’s Location Technology, allow advertisers to curate a more large and precise audience in a cookieless environment without letting data on a side.

    > Purchase of Special Segments
    This native integration also gives to mediasmart’s buyers an early access to Special Navegg Segments such as: World Cup Fans Package, Black Friday and many others where precision is required to build impactful strategies leading you to a path of higher results.

    > Full Stack Cookieless Media Solution
    Offering a wide range of Cookieless Solutions in our platform reflects mediasmart’s concern to offer its customers a high end technology to facilitate the media buying process, without letting a side the importance of measurability, attribution and transparency. Navegg ID’s segments sum up on our audience offering to leverage precision and smart budget optimization through powerful Navegg algorithms that perform probabilistic matching, it assigns an ID to build a unique, persistent and cross-screen user identity.

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