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    #NewHireDiaries: mediasmart strengthens team across India & Southeast Asia

    Shreya Bhagat
    Posted by Shreya Bhagat

    mediasmart has been a prominent name when it comes to programmatic-led CTV Advertising across India & Southeast Asia. We have led with example and an approach of thought leadership across innovations within tech solutions and also on client approach. This has helped us grow within our partnerships across agencies, direct clients and supply partners. Last year also ended on a high with the awards season showering the multitude of nominations and recognitions across awards with various category wins produced in-house with our clients and agency partners. We shall continue to carry the momentum of growth, not just within our business but also with the people who enable it.

    We, at mediasmart, are excited to announce that we have expanded our presence in India & Southeast Asia to serve the fast-growing market with the appointment of Suppakorn Chaiyo to strengthen our sales function across Thailand, Mathew Tom and Vivek Singh to strengthen our sales function across India, Rohan Desai as Senior Manager - Presales & Brand Strategy for India & Southeast Asia and Ourvi Sharma as an Analyst for India. Our newly appointed team has penned down their onboarding experience and talked about the positive impact of cultural diversity at the workplace.

    Ourvi Sharma - Analyst, India

    "Words are falling short to express my gratitude towards the entire team of mediasmart and especially my mentor, Nikhil Kumar. His optimism and valuable advice have made me what I am today. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the entire team made the process of my virtual joining extremely fun and exciting. On my first day of joining, I was getting jitters. But once I met the team, I felt at home.

    The highly inspiring and motivating team brings out the dynamic in me. No qualms that I am at a better level of learning than where I was when I started. The patience of my manager has been commendable. Sidhesh Kudalkar has taught me things from scratch and not once made me feel out of the place.

    Talking about the work culture, it is very friendly, challenging, motivating and nurturing. This place makes sure that the employees feel inspired and are compelled to work harder every single day. It’s a very warm and amicable place to be in. I look forward to every working day because of the challenges they pose and the excitement to debug situations together as a team is unrivaled. On an ending note, in my endeavor to do my utmost in the favor of the company, I wish the journey of success never sees an end and mediasmart soars high. "

    Suppakorn Chaiyo - Senior Manager - Sales, Thailand

    "There were many things to learn at the beginning of the 100% virtual working environment, which I have never experienced before. I am grateful for such a  supportive SEA team, shouting out to Pankaj Lad - my direct coolest manager, Sheldon Gomez - my best buddy, Selvy Aisha - the only super girl on the team, and Roxas Montezuma - the guy with all the answers. Without their support, it would have been difficult for me to go through the process. I got a chance to receive a virtual warm welcome from the global team over a call and that was one of those moments when I knew that mediasmart is the right place for me.

    The best way to get yourself into a basic knowledge of mediasmart remotely is through mediasmart academy, which was provided to me since the first week. It was quite challenging because there were some quizzes after each module. This feeling of being surrounded by a fast-growing business made me step further than yesterday. That’s how I see mediasmart that is helping me grow in terms of my career."

    Rohan Desai - Senior Manager - Presales & Brand Strategy, India & Southeast Asia

    WhatsApp Image 2021-11-08 at 2.10.46 PM"This was the first time for me on many fronts - a remote onboarding process, the world of programmatic advertising, and also working with a multicultural team spread across time zones. I was quite pleased to see the warmth, patience, and support extended by the onboarding team, colleagues, and senior leadership at mediasmart.

    I was also given access to the well-documented onboarding materials in the form of docs, decks, academy courses, and case studies which helped me get a good understanding of the console and our key product offerings - CTV, Proximity, Audiences, and Drive-to-Store Campaigns which can deliver measurable marketing impact. Parallelly, I was introduced to my buddies who helped me with all my queries related to the work culture and the product.

    I would say that the onboarding process is designed very well and is aimed to put new joinees like me at ease by giving them time to absorb the product and culture with regular catch-ups with Nikhil Kumar, who is my immediate manager. He gave me the freedom to chart my own path in terms of coming to speed regarding the platform and coming up with ideas to grow the business. Overall, the team is very passionate about our product, our work and believes in being entrepreneurial by virtue and doing, and always encourages new ideas. We support each other and take ownership of our work. I am really glad to be a part of this team and excited for the journey ahead which will surely be a journey of immense learning and discovery!"

    Mathew Tom - Senior Manager - Sales (Licensing Business), India

    IMG20211221190330"It’s a great feeling to be part of a team that is making a huge impact in the Indian market. I am grateful to my super cool manager - Nikhil Kumar, the Legend - Anuj Kumar, and of course the brain behind mediasmart – Noelia Amoedo for believing in me and giving me this great opportunity.

    My colleagues made sure to accommodate me and help me in every way possible over the last month. I have learned a lot about the industry and the product during this time and I am pumped up about this great opportunity!"

    Vivek Singh - Manager - Sales, India

    IMG_20211224_172347"Thanks to the mediasmart team for including me in this big family where joining remotely and going through the onboarding process was a pleasure. While it's a different feeling while joining remotely and to following processes, thanks to the onboarding team, they have been supportive since the beginning. In a virtual welcome from the entire mediasmart team which coincided with my birthday wishes, I was introduced to everyone and there was a great feeling of comfort.

    The onboarding process which included several online materials plus training sessions, regular catch-ups with colleagues helped me understand the basics of the product and the console. The team is very enthusiastic about the product and follows an entrepreneurial mindset to grow and govern the business. The seniors have been very approachable and emphasis has been laid towards freedom to have our own approach in making it successful.

    I am under such an impressive leadership and I believe that mediasmart will help me learn, and grow professionally as well as personally. Looking forward to making an impact!"

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