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    Partners with adsquare for Enhanced Moment Marketing Capabilities

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri

    mediasmart Mobile has partnered with mobile-first data exchange adsquare, to enrich the bidding process for the mobile DSP’s customers in real-time - allowing mediasmart customers to target users contextually. Targeting can now be based on what is around a user’s location, surroundings, app context and other influencing factors.

    The pre-bid integration between adsquare and mediasmart will enable advertisers, agencies and trading desks to build powerful moment marketing campaigns, and enhance the mobile DSP’s real-time decision making capabilities, allowing it to make bid adjustments based on adsquare´s dynamic audiences data.

    “Audience targeting has become one of the most powerful advertising tools, and combining first party data with reliable third party data is critical for our customers. Adsquare completes our audience targeting capabilities, allowing our clients to build campaigns with a holistic view of their target group, through sophisticated segments built over time, and connecting the dots between people’s real world and mobile behavior.” - Noelia Amoedo,mediasmart’s CEO.

    Processing up to 500 thousand queries per second (QPS) and operating in real-time,adsquare´s integration will allow mediasmart´s customers to leverage data for panoramic mobile audience targeting. mediasmart makes adsquare´s standard audiences available through its console, but customers can also gain full transparency to create and activate their own custom audiences through adsquare’s self-service Audience Management Platform (AMP), to then target them as they buy media with mediasmart.

    “Mobile audience data at scale plays a crucial role in successful moment marketing campaigns. Accessing those data points via the pre-bid integration with adsquare allows mediasmart’s clients to reach their target group with high precision at the crucial moment on their most personal device” - Tom Laband, adsquare’s CEO and Co-founder.

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