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mediasmart strengthens its omnichannel programmatic ad platform by launching support for new connected channels

March 14th, 2023 - Affle’s mediasmart platform today announced that it has strengthened its omnichannel programmatic ad platform to better integrate...

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    mediasmart launches new ad format to adapt artwork according to geolocation

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri on May 18, 2014

    mediasmart, a technology company specialising in the optimisation of mobile advertising, has launched a new system able to serve dynamic creative artwork, which shifts according to a specific user’s location. As a result, the consumer receives the exact information of the nearest point of sale, without ever needing to click the banner.

    The first campaign built with this new format has already been launched with a beer brand, but the system offers huge benefits for all advertisers. In this case, the brand used a common creative artwork and kept a blank on the image so mediasmart’s ad server overlapped the dynamic information. However, this new format allows advertisers to use any kind of personalisation: from different artworks to elements like images, maps, phone numbers, and more.

    This new format aims to maximise the benefits of geolocation, one of the biggest advantages of mobile marketing. Thanks to its unique platform mediasmart, advertisers can merge the digital and physical worlds, by getting the most from mobile device.

    “Our mission at mediasmart is to maximise users’ engagement with our clients’ campaigns”, explains Noelia Amoedo CEO of mediasmart. “Offering new formats personalised for each user is one more step in that sense. We face an increasing demand of advertisers aiming to reach their audience in specific geographic areas and this new format allows them to connect with people in a more effective way”.

    Gelocation, key for mobile marketing

    Mobile marketing is an advertising format which continues to have a high growth potential. In 2013 advertising spend in mobile marketing reached 18.16 million dollars, according to eMarketer, which predicts a growth of 62.1% this year. Geolocation, a unique part of this, is one of the key factors that will drive this development.

    Geolocation offers great benefits in different scenarios, but it should be considered as a key element in three situations: when an advertiser aims to drive traffic to a physical place, because campaigns can be limited to a specific area optimising budget; when the goal is to reach a target group and their interests are linked to a physical location (i.e. travel offers in airports); or to deliver different messages depending on where our audience is located (i.e. showing address and offers near the point of sale and aiming to download the app when there’s no shop around).

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