Now available: Measure Viewability in real time with Adledge!

We have been busy these past weeks, working with partners and our teams for new integrations & features. From now on you will be able to measure viewability in real time, thanks to our integration with Adledge! New device connection targeting options, and an important note regarding In banner video. 

Stay tuned, because this month, we are having new partners joining with exciting features!

blue-logoWe are very happy to announce that we have partnered with AdLedge, a company that measures viewability in real time so that you can optimize your campaigns in mediasmart!

At the moment Adledge works with images & third party tags, all types of campaigns and tracking partners in mediasmart. Click to know more about Adledge in mediasmart; Set Up, Pricing, Reporting etc!

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In-Banner Video

Important note: We wanted to make it clear that you would not be able to run in-banner videos within mediasmart. Please check our Content Policy for the update!

New Connection Targeting Options

Easily target more connection options from the targeting section of your campaign! (2G,3G,4G, Ethernet etc now available without using keywords!)

Search POIs by address

The address is going to be taken into account when looking for POIs (e.g. if you search for "Restaurants" and have "Oxford st, London" as an street, only the restaurants on that street will appear).

More features released lately

There are new improvements waiting for you in our latest version!

Dark mode option: If you haven't check it, you can now turn your console session into dark mode.

There is a maximum radius for geolists now: 1600 km.
Bugs & Fixes


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