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mediasmart strengthens its omnichannel programmatic ad platform by launching support for new connected channels

March 14th, 2023 - Affle’s mediasmart platform today announced that it has strengthened its omnichannel programmatic ad platform to better integrate...

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    Introducing DigiSeg as a new Data partner for Mobile and Connected TV

    Olatz Goicoechea
    Posted by Olatz Goicoechea on October 25, 2021

    We are happy to announce that we have just completed the integration with a new data partner: DigiSeg. The company was founded in August 2015 on a unique idea: Segment the Entire Internet, incorporating the Principles of Privacy-by-Design. They have always been Cookie and Tracking-Free, which is perfect given the raise of Privacy-awareness, having to track and measure without identifying users and Limited Ad Tracking from Apple.

    On top of DigiSeg's data working in a cookieless, UDID-less world, their segments are free from Personal Data, as they use IPs in a way that is compatible with Privacy regulations. 

    They have segmented the Internet into core audiences based on household characteristics using trusted sources like National Statistics Offices. As the audiences are IP-based they work both for Mobile and Connected TV (CTV) devices and serve to map households. Using these segments will bring your campaigns using our Household syncing technology for CTV to the next level.  

    Available for both Branding and Performance with better than average CTRs, we invite you to check their Taxonomy and Custom Audience Builder, to tailor audiences to your needs or the needs of our customers. You can also check the list of Available countries on our Docs. 

    If you currently are a client, feel free to contact your usual person of contact for more information about how to start using DigiSeg segments. 

    If you want to start working with us, you can directly sign-up here or alternatively e-mail with any inquiry.

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