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    mediasmart named High Performer at G2 Fall 2023 Report

    Posted by Monalisa Roy

    mediasmart’s Fall season begins with some good news as we announce winning 5 new badges in this year’s G2 Fall reports. We are also present in 20 reports across G2 this season. This achievement is a testament to how much our customers love and support us. The G2 platform rewards its sellers based on customer satisfaction scores and market presence and mediasmart boasts a strong user rating of 4.4/5, with 86% of user citing that they are likely to recommend and 81% for ease of use.

    mediasmart wins High performer for Demand Side Platform this Fall 2023.

    badges (1)

    We are honored to have received the High Performer award, reflecting our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. In the Grid® Report for Demand Side Platform (DSP), mediasmart ranked in the top 10, bolstered by exceptional satisfaction scores.

    Adding to our achievements, mediasmart has been recognized as a High Performer in several regional categories, including; EMEA, Europe, and the Americas. Notably, our exceptional performance has led us to secure third position in both the Europe and EMEA Grid® for Demand Side Platform (DSP). In the Americas, our valued customers' feedback has gotten us great results:

    High Performer for Demand Side Platform [Americas]_

    Read what our customers have to say about mediasmart 


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