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Creating Compelling Stories Across Screens: A Year in Review (FY24)

An exceptional year for mediasmart! We're thrilled to present an introspective journey into mediasmart’s defining moments from the past year. Our...

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    From Regional Resonance to Cross-Screen Domination: mediasmart's Award-Winning Journey

    Posted by Monalisa Roy

    In the last few months, mediasmart has achieved extraordinary success, capturing three prestigious awards at the Indian Digital Summit 2024. Our relentless pursuit of innovation, valuable partnerships, and the consistent dedication of our team have enabled us to deliver exceptional solutions across Connected TV (CTV), mobile, and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH).

    At the distinguished India Digital Awards, hosted by IAMAI during the 18th India Digital Summit 2024, mediasmart was honored as the Best Ad Tech Company of the Year, marking our third significant platform-level accolade. Additionally, our remarkable campaign in collaboration with Havas India for Swiggy Instamart received acclaim, highlighting our ability to significantly boost audience engagement through personalized, multilingual advertising strategies.

    This award for Swiggy Instamart as the Best Multilingual Campaign in Bharat underlines the effectiveness of our approach in creating ads that resonate deeply with diverse audiences by utilizing regional languages. Our joint effort with OMD India for Levi Strauss & Co. has been recognized for its excellence, winning the Best Cross-Channel Marketing Campaign. This accolade was earned for the seamless integration of Connected TV and mobile, which elevated brand awareness and favorability for Levi’s iconic 5o1 range.

    Swiggy Instamart x mediasmart

    As young Indians, we are extremely busy with our day-to-day lives and often rely on technology to get things done. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about online grocery shopping in India?

    The savior - Swiggy Instamart!

    Such was the impact of our recent campaign in collaboration with Havas media that bagged us the “Best Multilingual Campaign in Bharat”. Let’s explore how we positioned Swiggy Instamart as the go-to destination for grocery shopping. [Click below to view our award-winning case study]


    Campaign Goal: To build brand awareness and expand market share in online grocery shopping
    Target Audience: Urban, tech-savvy Indian consumers aged between 25 to 45 seeking a convenient grocery delivery option
    The Strategy: Connecting with the audience in their regional languages 

    With mediasmart’s advanced targeting technology, we harnessed the power of mDMP audience intelligence platform and analyzed over 550mn device IDs across India to identify users seeking a seamless grocery shopping experience. Utilizing appographic, purchase intent, transactional and behavioral data, these audiences were strategically targeted across various OTTs on mobile. 

    We also used personalized video ads in 5+ regional languages namely Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, etc. to enhance reliability targeted to specific audiences using location-based intelligence. 

    The Execution: Data-driven solutions to reach the right audience

    The campaign featured renowned personalities like Pankaj Tripathi and R Madhavan that resonated deeply with audiences across diverse cultural backgrounds. Leveraging data from over 550 million device IDs through Affle mDMP, we meticulously targeted audiences seeking hassle-free grocery shopping experiences. Moreover, personalized video ads in regional languages heightened relevance and engagement. This multilingual approach ensured that the brand's message resonated with audiences nationwide, contributing to increased brand awareness and market share in the online grocery segment.

    Combining creativity with data-driven solutions delivered by mediasmart, Swiggy Instamart solidified its position as the go-to online grocery shopping destination.

    The Impact: One-stop destination for grocery shopping

    This award-winning campaign reached a staggering 20mn users with an average VTR of 87% and a CTR of 1.03%. The partnership with Havas and mediasmart led to a remarkable 178,000 first opens of Swiggy Instamart, including 155,000 new user acquisitions. The campaign's success highlights the transformative potential of advanced targeting technology in elevating the everyday grocery shopping experience for Swiggy Instamart's customers.

    Levi’s x mediasmart 

    The wardrobe staple - a pair of Levis jeans! Levis wanted to celebrate its timeless fashion item- Levi’s 501 jeans. This was first created in the late 1800s, grew in popularity as a workwear essential during the ‘60s, and has now become modern-day wardrobe essential. “The 501 is the first, it's the original, and it's our icon,” says Tracey Panek, who works as a historian for Levi’s. “It really is the blueprint for the modern blue jeans.” 

    Let’s explore how we created buzz around Levi's timeless piece and bagged our trophy for “Best Cross-Channel Marketing Campaign” [Click below to view our award-winning case study]


    Campaign Goal: To drive maximum awareness and consideration for the esteemed 501 range among audiences throughout India coinciding with the brand's 150th-anniversary celebration.
    Target audience: Levi's wanted to reach women aged 18-44 all over India and inspire them to embrace the timeless style of Levi's 501 jeans.

    The Strategy: A multi-screen storytelling

    "The Iconic Pair" campaign was carefully crafted to encapsulate Levi's 501 jeans' enduring legacy, resonating deeply with audiences across India. Leveraging mediasmart's innovative CTV Household sync technology, a compelling multi-screen brand narrative was curated. This involved seamlessly engaging audiences across Connected TV screens and subsequently retargeting them on their mobile screens within the same household, creating a cohesive brand journey. This approach, powered by mediasmart, exemplified a modern, cohesive advertising experience that resonates with consumers

    The Execution: Connecting buyer journeys across screens

    mediasmart’s State-of-the-art Connected TV Household sync technology emerged as the driving force behind the execution of the campaign. By leveraging multi-screen brand stories, we seamlessly connected with audiences across Connected TV and mobile screens in their households, maximizing campaign reach and impact. The journey began by targeting premium audiences across various OTTs on Connected TVs and then retargeting on mobile screens. This seamless integration helped to reinforce brand messaging and significantly boost brand awareness, favorability, message association, and purchase intent, as confirmed by KANTAR's Brand Lift study.

    The star power of Deepika Padukone further amplified the campaign's appeal, inspiring millions of audiences in India to embrace Levi's legendary 5o1 jeans. mediasmart's partnership with Levi's truly proved to be an instrumental factor in achieving success and commemorating the 150th anniversary of the iconic 5o1 range.

    The Impact: Transcending Across Generations

    This award-winning campaign reached nearly 2 million audiences across India, driving top-of-mind brand awareness for Levi's legendary 5o1 jeans range. We saw a remarkable View-Through Rate (VTR) of  93.5% and a 1% Click-Through Rate (CTR) that facilitated high engagement and click-throughs.

    Leveraging multi-screen targeting, the campaign reached the intended audience on Connected TV screens and then seamlessly retargeted them on their mobile devices within the same household. This synergy between screens amplified the campaign's effectiveness, leading to a substantial influx of 40,000 audiences visiting Levi's website to explore the Deepika Padukone look.

    From Our Leaders

    Nikhil Kumar, our Chief Growth Officer, expressed his gratitude, noting, "The recognition as the Best Ad Tech Company of the Year at the Indian Digital Summit 2024 represents a significant milestone in our journey. Our third consecutive platform-level win underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. These elements are at the heart of our success, propelling mediasmart to the forefront of the ad tech industry and enabling us to set new standards for effectiveness and engagement. I extend my deepest thanks to every member of the mediasmart team, as well as our clients and partners, for their trust, hard work, and collaboration, which have been instrumental in achieving these remarkable feats."

    To the entire mediasmart team, congratulations on these well-earned recognitions! Your hard work, strategic partnerships, and relentless drive to push the boundaries of ad technology are establishing new benchmarks within the industry. Let us continue to innovate, excel, and redefine the future of advertising together. Here's to more accomplishments and success in our journey forward!

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