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    Chocolate integrated! 🍫

    Olatz Goicoechea
    Posted by Olatz Goicoechea

    Our latest release made a new video supply partner: Chocolate, new rich format templates by NEXD, and some interesting developments in console. Keep reading to learn more! 


    Chocolate SSP: our latest integration!


    ChocolateWe are excited to announce that from now on you will have access to Chocolate's inventory for your campaigns running in mediasmart! Experts in Mobile and connected TV video advertising solutions, they empower advertisers to deliver exceptional Ad experience. 

    Why is this special? 

    • 20 B+ Monthly Premium Video Ad Auctions

    • 7700+ publishers 

    • 100% Ads.txt and App-ads.txt Compliant Inventory

    • Sellers.json and OpenRTB Supply Chain Implemented

    • 100% Server-Side Auctions

    • 120 million+ Unique Users in US

    • Mobile App, Mobile Web, CTV

    • In-Stream, Out-Stream, Rewarded Video 











    New NEXD template available


    Another week, another NEXD format! Introducing their new Scroll to Queue template. As always, available through mediasmart's in-house rich format builder.

    Scroll to queue



    Other developments

    On our Drive-to-store solution, we have 2 new developments to make your work easier:

    Captura de pantalla 2020-10-07 a las 14.01.051) we started to show the number of unique visitors per day in the Campaign Dashboard timeline.

    2) a new 'Attribution window on impression' field on the External Drive-to-store campaigns.

    . . .


    As part of our plan to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs, we give you the ability to choose the KPIs you want to display on the Publisher tab of all your campaigns. As you might already know, this tab allows you immediate access to campaign performance drilled-down by Publisher; from Yesterday's to the whole campaign lifetime results. 

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