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    Vueling entrusts the promotion of its mobile app to OMD and mediasmart

    Adriana Ullivarri
    Posted by Adriana Ullivarri

    About 70% of the users who opened the application used it to search flight options, check in, reserve a seat or even buy

    Spain is a leading country in the app market, with 2.7 million downloads every day. However, as shown in a study developed by The App Date, the loyalty of users is very low: 13% would remove them and replace them with something similar. Free apps are one of the factors behind the compulsive downloading, and they are not always used.

    How to increase the number of loyal users who download an app? The popular airline Vueling has found out, along with OMD and mediasmart, with the promotional campaign of its new mobile app for iPhone and Android. The action is ongoing since November 2012 with the purpose of promoting the purchase of plane tickets through mobile devices while, at the same time, strengthening the dynamic and innovative image of the company.

    Vueling’s goal was to go beyond traditional media to reach an audience who is interested in traveling. Thanks to OMD and mediasmart – the technological platform of mediasmart – Vueling has been able to ensure the campaign reaches those users who are willing to engage with their mobile app after having downloaded it. mediasmart technology maximizes the reach of campaigns thanks to its ability to build user profiles and measure their behavior after receiving an impression, which, together with real-time buying (RTB), allows it to find the optimal users no matter where they are browsing.

    The campaign results have been very positive at both brand and conversion levels. The campaign has not only maximized the number of targeted users who have opened the application (not those who merely download it), but it has managed to get almost 70% of the users who open the application to use it to look for flights, check in, reserve a seat, etc.

    “Vueling wants to make it easier to search, buy and manage flights, providing consumers with a useful tool. mediasmart´s technology, chosen by OMD, has allowed us to reach those users for whom we are really relevant, optimizing the campaign and improving how users perceive us”, added Nicola Riva, head of online marketing at Vueling.

    In OMD María Gil’s words: “At OMD we always go for innovation. The introduction of mobile technology and real-time bidding are altering the landscape of traditional media purchase, and taking us one step forward in establishing relationships with users. Companies with technology like mediasmart´s make it posible to go further in terms of effectiveness and branding”.

    Noelia Amoedo, CEO of mediasmart concludes: “It’s an honor for us to have big agencies such as OMD and airlines like Vueling trust our technology. The results obtained are an endorsement of our constant strive for improvement”.

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